Oluwaferanmi Precious Owokade, ASCOM Aspiring Assistant Gen. Sec. Speaks to Campus Mirror on her Ambition and Motive for ASCOM - OOU Campus Mirror

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Sunday 16 July 2023

Oluwaferanmi Precious Owokade, ASCOM Aspiring Assistant Gen. Sec. Speaks to Campus Mirror on her Ambition and Motive for ASCOM

 By Ayoade Olamide and Oluwadamilola Tinuola.

Campus Mirror(CM): Can you briefly introduce yourself and what motivated your interest to run for the position of Assistant General Secretary?

Oluwaferanmi Owokade(OO): I am Oluwaferanmi Owokade, a 200L mass communication student of the great Olabisi Onabanjo University. I am running for the position of the Ascom Assistant General Secretary because I am interested in serving the great department and its students. I have so much interest in how well information circulates within the department. As communicators, we should always stay informed. 

CM: What specific goals or ambitions do you hope to achieve if elected as the Assistant General Secretary of the department?

OO: My ambition if elected as the Ascom Assistant General Secretary is to make sure there is smooth communication between students and the executives. And to make sure that my fellow students are well informed and updated about everything going on in the department. Also, I will make sure to keep a timely record of everything going on in the department alongside the elected Ascom General Secretary for history and reference purposes.

CM: Has it always been your dream or passion to serve in a political post or you saw a need in your department that needed to be addressed and then you decided to take up a role to solve it?

OO: It has always been my passion to be into politics and I have always been passionate about serving my co-students and having more political experiences.

CM: How do you plan to engage and involve the department's students in decision-making processes and activities if you're elected?

OO: I intend to carry my fellow students along with every decision-making process in the department. Students' opinions matter a lot and I will make sure to get them involved in the decision making process of the department through different opinion polls.

CM: In your opinion, what skills or experiences make you the most qualified candidate for this position?

OO: In my opinion, a good communication skill and the ability to exercise patience, and a good understanding skill is required. Also, exhibiting  a good act of service is vital. I am certain that I possess these qualities and this makes me the qualified candidate for the position.

CM: You clearly have a strong opposition, the person of Senator Sobayo Joy. How do you plan to discuss her ideas or criticize their approaches, while maintaining a respectful and professional environment?

OO: I am not in opposition to her approaches or ideas as I strongly believe we both have different points of views and agendas for the department and its students.

CM: In Politics, there are no permanent foes but of course, there are some who would object to your leadership, and raise criticisms against your tenure. What will you do to bring them closer and carry them on your plan and agenda?

OO : Of course everyone can't be in my favour or support me. I try as much as possible to convince those that are opposing me and make them see reasons why they should support me. All the same, sensitization is vital and every one has his/her own preferences.

CM: What sets you apart from your opponent in terms of your approach to leadership and your understanding of the department's needs?

OO: I am a very realistic person and my manner of approach is logical and my goals are the things I know are achievable to me, not just an imagination or mere words.

CM: Finally, what message would you like to send to your fellow students and voters regarding your candidacy and your vision for the department's future?

OO: I would like to tell my fellow students to vote right and know that their vote and support is very important. I am running for this post not for my personal interest but for the interest of my fellow students and the whole department at large. I promise not to let them down.

Thank you all for your endless support.

#Say no to political apathy.

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