Sen. Popoola Esther Abimbola Speaks on Making History as the First Female President in Faculty of Environmental Science. - OOU Campus Mirror

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Sunday 16 July 2023

Sen. Popoola Esther Abimbola Speaks on Making History as the First Female President in Faculty of Environmental Science.

By Seyi Lasisi. 

Campus Mirror(CM): Congratulations on your victory at the poll. Kindly introduce yourself and tell us, how did you feel when you saw that you got elected as the President of your faculty?

Sen. Popoola Esther Abimbola: I am Sen. Popoola Esther Abimbola. I was very happy when I emerged as the winner. I wasn’t too surprised because I knew my people got my back.

What inspired you to run for the position of the President of the faculty of Environmental Studies?

Sen. Popoola: Firstly, in IBOGUN campus, as we all know it is a campus ruled by guys. I wanted to stop that mentality because before I emerged people even stood up to question why a lady would rule them.  Secondly, most of the leaders will just come and go with little physical impact. In my faculty, social life isn’t good. All we do is work and work. So I also wanted to make IMPACT.

CM: What are some of the challenges you faced during your campaign, and how did you overcome them?

Sen Popoola: Firstly, coming out as a lady to contest was the number one challenge. I had to collect all those guys' contacts talking about me being a lady. I reasoned with them personally and talked things out with them. That was all I did. And most of my campaigns were one on one campaigns. I will say that was the only major challenge I had. 

CM: What are your top priorities for the faculty of Environmental Studies during your term as its President?

Firstly, it's to bring the departments under the faculty together,  because we will be having many programs. With these programs, it will bring love among the various departments in the faculty.  Also, I have looked at some amenities we don’t have and have promised to provide some which by God's grace we will provide. 

CM: What do you believe are the most pressing issues facing the faculty of Environmental Studies, and how do you plan to address them?

Sen Popoola: That will be the issue of the school fees,which I believe is also general. Some of the students don't have their complete school fees. So, I’m planning to start a GO-fund-me initiative immediately. With this, I believe we will sort most of the school fees issues. 

CM: Yes. A large number of students haven't paid their fees. Can you explain further on the Go-fund-me initiative?

Sen. Popoola: Okay. This is where everyone in each department under the faculty will pay any amount they have. (I was thinking of 1k per head but I realized fingers are not equal). But everyone should pay any amount they have whether they’ve paid school fees or not. So when the money is gathered together, we will make sure each person in the faculty owing school fees will have a share in it. 

CM: How do you plan to engage with students in the faculty to ensure that their voices are heard and that their needs are met?

Sen. Popoola: I’m a very approachable person. Any issue a student needs to be addressed, we are ready to solve it by God's grace. We will also be having general meetings Where  the students will also be there to say their mind. 

CM: Female students are often discouraged from participating in politics. What advice would you give to female students who are interested in running for leadership positions within the faculty of Environmental Studies and the school at large?

Sen. Popoola: I will advise them not to be discouraged. People will talk but they should remain focused and mingle with the right set of people. From my 100 level, I do hear that if any girl competes for a key post in the faculty, it means she must have slept with different leaders or cultists. I want them to know it's a big lie. As a lady, you must stand your ground and be focused. And honestly, you will make it. For me to come to the land of men to rule without having a bad record, they can surely do it anywhere. 

CM: Lastly, do you have anything you want to say probably to students in your faculty or OOUITIES in general?

Sen. Popoola: I will first give a shout out to all ladies in Oou Campuses. Then my leaders, Com.Bukola Adeiga the Emeritus Oou VP Com. Olayinka Aduke also one of the emeritus Vice Presidents in Political Science, and Sen. Falilat(Her Excellency).They actually motivated me then, but they did not know. I will just tell all OOUITIES to never be discouraged. Stay focused and determined. NEVER SAY NEVER. 

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