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Tuesday 6 July 2021

SUG ECO explains reason behid election delay

The Student Union Electoral Committee Olabisi Inabanjo University held its first press conference on Wednesday 30th June 2021 to discuss the delay in the electoral process to usher in another administration of the student's government.

The meeting was held at the Centre of Transport Studies(CTS) and had in attendance the aspirants of the various positions, campus media groups and political leaders and enthusiasts.

Over the past weeks, the electoral climate has been created. The school premises are coloured with posters and fliers of student aspirants who are contending for a political post in the forthcoming SUG election. Ago- Iwoye and its residents are getting accustomed to seeing posters of students - even if meant for students residing in those communities.

The press briefing was organised to discuss the issues behind the holdup.
According to the ECO Chairman, the delay in the election is caused by the school management. The chairman went further to clarify that a proposed date has been sent to the school management for approval of the physical and online election and a response hasn’t been gotten.

An ECO returning officer stated the hindrance was caused by the pandemic and safety precautions associated with COVID -19.  He stated further that the delay is not the fault of the school management nor the SUG Electoral Committee.

Another school of thought related that the Faculty of Law, OOU conducted its election on the Microsoft Teams App, suggested that it may help solve the crisis, the ECO chairman responded that the Teams app can be manipulated giving room for ineligible voters to vote. He stated that research is ongoing by the admin panel for E-voting.
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The Chairman on his final note disclosed that if the election will be online a  conference will be called to address the aspirant, agents, students, and school management, orientate them on the  E-voting.

  A presidential aspirant, Senator Modesty expressed his dismay at the delay in the election, revealed he wants the election to be online.

A conclusion was made at the meeting. The physical election was favoured over the online election. The majority favoured physical while minorities opted for online election. What is clear is that the SUG election might accommodate both the physical and online elections due to the Covid-19 factor.

Meanwhile, a presidential debate is meant to take place very soon.

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