Sobayo Aanuoluwapo Joy, ASCOM Aspiring Assistant Gen. Sec. Speaks to Campus Mirror on her Ambition and Motive for ASCOM - OOU Campus Mirror

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Sunday 16 July 2023

Sobayo Aanuoluwapo Joy, ASCOM Aspiring Assistant Gen. Sec. Speaks to Campus Mirror on her Ambition and Motive for ASCOM

By Ayoade Olamide and Oluwadamilola Tinuola.

Campus Mirror(CM): Can you briefly introduce yourself and what motivated your interest to run for the position of Assistant General Secretary?

Sobayo Joy(SJ): My name is Sobayo Aanuoluwapo Joy popularly known as JOY.  I'm an entrepreneur. It has always been my goal to serve our great department. 

CM: What specific goals or ambitions do you hope to achieve if elected as the Assistant General Secretary of the department?

SJ: First of all, my goal is to support and work hand in hand with the other ASCOM executives.  I'm very big on teamwork. I intend to make sure that the students get informed about things going on in the department and I can do this by making sure that every important information is passed across to the students at the right time. I also plan to be the voice of the students of our great department and I can do this by getting to know what the students need. 

CM: How do you plan to engage and involve the department's students in decision-making processes and activities if you're elected?

SJ: Basically, putting their interest at heart over personal gains.  This can be done by asking them for their views on the decision we're about to make as the executives and also allowing them to bring in ideas so the whole decision won't be made without their own view.  

CM: In your opinion, what skills or experiences make you the most qualified candidate for this position?

SJ: Personally, I'm an outspoken person and I have a good communication skill and I know I can easily interact with anyone that I need  to interact with and also get information as early as possible. 

CM: You clearly have a strong opposition, the person of Senator Owokade Precious. How do you plan to discuss her ideas or criticize their approaches, while maintaining a respectful and professional environment?

SJ: I'm not planning to criticize her, she is a course mate before she became an opponent so I wish her the very best in her endeavor.

CM: In Politics, there are no permanent foes but of course, there are some who would object to your leadership, and raise criticisms against your tenure. What will you do to bring them closer and carry them on your plan and agenda?

SJ: First off, after the election we're all to come back together again as we were because I want to believe that politics should not in any way bring enmity among us because we were once together before politics entered. I would also try not to make the other party supporter feel like since they didn't get into position I'd use it against them and make them feel like they don't have the right to contribute definitely not I'm meant to serve everyone so no one should be left out. 

CM: What sets you apart from your opponent in terms of your approach to leadership and your understanding of the department's needs?

SJ: A good leader is someone that's ready to serve and has listening ears. So definitely, I can deliver in my role well as a leader because I'll listen to you and know what the ASCOMITES needs and channel it to the right place where it would be treated. 

CM: Finally, what message would you like to send to your fellow students and voters regarding your candidacy and your vision for the department's future?

SJ: My message for all ASCOMITES is that I appreciate the support and love towards me ever since I declared my intention. And I trust in my fellow ASCOMITES that they would choose wisely. I promise to carry out my role effectively and efficiently. I will make sure I do not disappoint you.

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