"I implore all Ascomites who are eligible to vote to come out in mass to choose their best candidate," ASCOM ECO CHAIRMAN in Conversation with Campus Mirror. - OOU Campus Mirror

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Thursday 13 July 2023

"I implore all Ascomites who are eligible to vote to come out in mass to choose their best candidate," ASCOM ECO CHAIRMAN in Conversation with Campus Mirror.

By Fasasi Mariam.

CM: It's a pleasure having this interview with you. Can we meet you sir?

Senator Abiodun: My name is Yusuff Mutiullahi Abiodun pka Sen.Abiodun.

 CM: Since when have you been a Senator?

 Sen. Abiodun: I have been a Senator since my second year in the university. I could refer to myself as a record breaker having become a senator at my second year on the campus which is also my first year of joining the OOU political realm, from Mass communication department history. 

CM: Wow, that's good to hear.Apart from being a senator, what other political office have you held in school?

Sen. Abiodun: I'm the current Chief of Staff to the SUG President. I still made the history. Also, I am currently  the Chairman of Ascom Electoral Committee (ASCOM ECO'23).

CM: That's a whole lot of achievements. As the Chairman of the ASCOM Electoral Committee, can you tell us when and where the election would be holding?

Sen. Abiodun:Though,we chose this week Friday tentatively, but due to some reasons, the proposed date is subjected to change.The new date shall be communicated to all Ascomites and the interested public immediately we make conclusion on that.

CM: As the chairman, what do you have to say about the upcoming election?

 Sen. Abiodun: Speaking on behalf of other members of the committee, the Committee shall organize and effectively supervise the forthcoming Ascom Election with utmost good faith and ensure a free, fair and credible election into various offices.

 CM: For the highly-anticipated election, what's the voting process?

Sen.Abiodun: We are organizing a physical election. The voting process shall be a single Ballot paper carrying the names of the aspirants and post which shall be printed by the committee.

CM: There has been rumors about the coming election being the hottest in the history of Mass-communication, what do you have to say about that?

Sen.Abiodun: It is true. The Ascom forthcoming election could be likened to OOU SUG election because of its competitiveness. The forthcoming election could be based and rated on track-record election. Taking the two presidential candidates as a case study, both of them are political icons that have made good brand in political realm as far as OOU Ascom is concerned. The former had once been the Asst. General Secretary doubled tasked with Financial secretary to Daniel-led Administration'21 while the latter was the immediate Vice President of Nifemi administration'22. Considering, it will give voters high chances of selecting the best between them as both of them have been tested. The best candidate shall win with his score card.

CM: May the best candidate win, what message do you have for ASCOMITES?

Sen.Abiodun: That's our aim. We as the Eco members '23 will ensure that dreams come true.

I implore all Ascomites who are eligible to vote to come out in mass to choose their best candidate as their votes shall influence the outcome of the election. Their mind should be librated from that clouded doubt that the election will be manipulated. The Eco Committee shall ensure a free,fair and transparent electoral process. We also pledge them our trust and impartiality. The result of the election shall not and will never be injected by our will.

For the aspirants,we wish everyone best of luck as each of them is on the race to win the seat. We implore them to follow all the rules and guidelines guiding their campaign activities and election processes as we won't shield anyone who flaunt with the underlined rules.

Lastly, anyone who in the long run isn't contented with the election outcome, should please challenge the election and its processes through a legal means by writing to the OOU ELECTORAL PETITION (PECO) for hearings.

As the Eco chairman, I have oriented my committee members and I am still reinstating that this election shall be free from any form of electoral malpractices.

Thank you so much for your time.

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