Akinleye Moses Bamidele(Bambam) ASCOM Presidential Candidate speaks to Campus Mirror on his Ambition and Motive for ASCOM. - OOU Campus Mirror

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Sunday 9 July 2023

Akinleye Moses Bamidele(Bambam) ASCOM Presidential Candidate speaks to Campus Mirror on his Ambition and Motive for ASCOM.

 By Fasasi Mariam. 

Campus Mirror(CM): Kindly introduce yourself. 

Akinleye Moses Bamidele(Bam Bam):My name is Akinleye Moses Bamidele popularly known as Bam Bam.

CM: Why are you contesting for the Presidential post?

Bam Bam: I am here for the welfare of all ASCOMITES. I have been doing my best for a long time and I have ensured that I represent my department well everywhere I go. I am here for the progress of the Department of mass communication.

CM: Since when have to have this ambition?

Bam Bam:I have had this ambition since my second year during the Wale-Daniel-led administration.

CM:You are competing against the current Vice-President. Do you feel this places you at a disadvantage? 

Bam Bam: I am not at a disadvantage here because I have more experience than my opponent. I have either been elected or appointed to all positions of Student Unions in the university.

CM: What are your previous posts and achievements?

Bam Bam: I was ASCOM Assistant General Secretary 20/21 Wale-Daniel led administration. I was also the ASCOM Financial Secretary for the same administration. I was elected SOSSA General Secretary in the Gomez-led administration. I was also appointed as Special Adviser to the SUG President on faculty issues (FSS) in the current Feyi-led administration. I was also awarded the ASCOM most resourceful student of the Year in the Nifemi administration.

CM: What's your motivation that you could win even though you are contesting against a strong political icon?

Bam Bam: I feel my experience, track record, and relationship with ASCOMITES have given me an edge already.

CM: Did you ever have doubts about contesting?

Bam Bam: I have never doubted myself and the people's trust in me

CM: What message do you have for the students of Mass communication?

Bam Bam: My message for all ASCOMITES is that I appreciate the trust they have had in me every step of the way. It's time to fly the ASCOM flag high again, I promise never to disappoint you.

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