Amoye Toluwani(Baffy) ASCOM Presidential Aspirants Speaks to Campus Mirro on her Ambition, Plans and Intention for ASCOM. - OOU Campus Mirror

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Sunday 9 July 2023

Amoye Toluwani(Baffy) ASCOM Presidential Aspirants Speaks to Campus Mirro on her Ambition, Plans and Intention for ASCOM.

By Fasasi Mariam. 

Campus Mirror(CM): Kindly introduce yourself. 

Amoye Toluwani(Baffy): My name is Amoye Toluwani Oreoluwa Pka Baffy, I'm the Emeritus Vice president of the Mass Communication Department. A communicator, writer, chef, content creator, and food blogger.

CM: You are the only female student aspiring for the Presidential position. Are you the first female to contest for this post in the department's history? 

Baffy: No. I am not the first female to contest for the post of the president. But as far as I have heard and can remember, the department has not had a female president.

 CM: Since when have you had this ambition?

I've had this ambition ever since I started getting familiar with the department as far back as 200 Level.

CM: As the current VP, do you think this places you in an advantageous position? 

Baffy: Yes, I believe I do. My tenure(as the VP) was short but the students had a feel of what I am capable of even within a short period. They have seen my competence. I think I have more advantages.

CM: What are your achievements as the VP?

Baffy: As the  VP, I successfully organised two very educational seminars. The first one was a soft skill and workshop training seminar, the second one was a seminar the on fundamentals of fake news.

I attended to all academic issues that were brought to my desk and ensured that they got a solution. I shared educational articles and write-ups across all Mass Communication WhatsApp groups at intervals to further enlighten the students.

CM: You are contesting against a prominent opponent. What's your motivation that you could win? 

Baffy: As much as winning is my aim for contesting, it still is not the very first thing on my bucket list. I want to be a source of inspiration to any lady that feels introverted or less confident in herself. No matter how little people have classified you to be, drive yourself to do unimaginable things. Leave your comfort zone and face tests and trials. 

My motivation is me wanting to be part of the success story of many young ladies out there who have potential but no driving force.

 CM: If you are being elected, what should the students expect?

Baffy: If I am elected, I want to appreciate and sharpen the great talents and skills that this department has through:

~ Online seminars and classes as it relates to both mass communication and personal lifestyle.

~ Releasing monthly articles written by students. 

~ Social gatherings for networking: Rubbing minds.

~ Paying close attention to students' welfare.

~ There will be more room for suggestions and rubbing of great minds.

CM: Did you ever have doubts about contesting?

Baffy: Yes, I had doubts about contesting, I always had doubts because of my insecurities and criticisms that I get from time to time, but now I have conquered all and I am ready for the task, mentally and emotionally.

CM: What message do you have for the students of Mass communication?

Baffy : We don't have the power to re-write the past but we have the power to author our future. The future is closer than we think and whatever decision we make now will determine how good of an author we are or not.

One of the best decisions this department can make is voting me in as President. When it becomes the past, you will all look back and thank God that you voted me in. It's a decision you will not regret making, I'm here to serve for better and forever.

God bless ASCOM.

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