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Friday 3 September 2021

5 ways to win your crush over

By Anita Jimoh     

 Having a crush on someone isn’t a bad idea and yeah we get to meet people every day of our lives and there are a certain set of people who gets to interest us or catch our attention.

 We then start to like the person, though,  the other party might not be aware that we do love them but you know what? There are ways or things you can do to catch their attention.

   1. Befriend Them: You can’t tell me you want your crush to know you like him/her and you aren’t even their friend. Get to know them, though you shouldn’t be focused on making him/her like you instantly but rather be a good friend that will be a part of his/her life.

   2. Be yourself: That you like him/her doesn’t mean you get to pretend about who you are not. You don’t just need to impress your crush but also to get him/her to know and appreciate the real you.


 3. Get to know them: Knowing someone well is an important part of getting them to like you. It’s not just about knowing where they work or their birthday, get to know them for who they are. Discuss their religion, beliefs and values.

 4. Act Independent: I don’t know if this should come first but my dear no one wants a partner that relies on someone before doing or taking any step
You should be able to prove to your crush that you are independent and that you are not a piece of baggage.

5. Explore their Hobbies & Passion: Learn to appreciate the things they enjoy doing. Try to see what they like and experience it with them. This will help you bond and discover things you have in the common. Of course, people enjoy admiration.

 Lastly, show this person how great you are. Let them know how happy and fulfilled you are with the things you do.

Respect their personality and gives them that space. Don't try to take up all their time and act clingy. Allow the conversation energy to flow freely. Soon, they will fall for you.

 There are many ways though but with these few easy steps, you might be lucky to have a green light; so dearie, take them up!


  Do you agree with this? Let me know what you think

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