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Thursday 2 September 2021

What Goes Around

What Goes Around

 - Rahma. O. Jimoh (DynamicRahma)

water falls down to the earth;

 into the seas

& swirls back to the skies.

water is my grandma forgetting 

my face, her daughter's name, 

what she ate & 

why she needs a bath daily. 

reversal is how a seed

grows into a tree then a fruit

& back to a seed.

or how a baby cries on reaching the earth,

transits to youth, an adult;

active and able & 

then back to an

old child.

maybe it is how 

my grandma's brain works like a child's. 

her health at the brink of 

the earth's mercy

& how her memory fades into 

nothingness after years of something-ness.

how we grow to become children,

helpless, weak, dependent

before we crawl back 

beneath the soils.

and maybe

reversal is how light 

eclipses to darkness 

in a man's life.

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