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Thursday 2 September 2021

Student Entrepreneurs On Campus

 By Omolabake Salako

On the campus of Olabisi Onabanjo University, a business could be as small as selling snack foods in lecture rooms   the hungry students who forsook their breakfasts to get comfortable seats for the 8am classes, or to those who just want to bite on something crunchy and munchy while the classes occurred.

Either seated or waiting around in lecture rooms during the early morning hours,one would see the several persons, usually females.Seemingly, females are more entrepreneurial driven than men in this scenario.These ladies could be seen moving around the hall with so much vitality, row to row and column by column, displaying their appetizing snacks to  students with groaning bellies seeking to relieve their hunger and to those, who would simply be uninterested. 

Also, a business on the campus could be as medium as buying and selling products that are the peak of a typical student's wants, both in and out of lecture rooms. Products such as perfumes, clothes, and jewellery are, especially for the female folk. 

These are usually an outburst of devious sincerity. They cautiously approach students with a wide smile hoping to gain their favour and to persuade them to purchase their goods. 

However, a business on campus could also be on a large scale, as grandeur as owning a stall on motion ground as OOU students remain greatly innovative and are excellent risk-takers. But, owning a stall is a courageous entrepreneurial decision as it exhausts a lot of resources, including time away from classes and less time to study.

Businesses on campus have been of tremendous importance to the students. Students can get food without stepping out of their classes or get their wants like fashion items without having to go to the market, not leaving out the online marketers, and the entrepreneurs, on the other hand, make an excellent profit off their hustle. 

Being a student and an entrepreneur has its pros and cons for there always comes the time, when being a studious student must be prioritised before being an entrepreneur.

To be continued...

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