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Wednesday 8 September 2021

6 Top Foods for Broke Nigerian Students

By Temi.

It is common to hear phrases like "I am broke, 'I no get money, 'sapa don hit me' from any Nigerian Student. In low moments like this, survival is a must! I present to you six food that has saved/will keep saving the lives of Nigerian Students.

1. Bread and Beans

If you lived in the streets then you know the drill. This combination is everything. With this, you don't have to bother about Lunch or Dinner. Just buy water and keep drinking till the day ends.

2. Concoction

I am sure you know about this life saving food. If not, concoction is when you put everything you have - palm oil, seasoning, fish, etc - in that Rice or Spaghetti. Don't worry, you can't die. 

3. Bread and Groundnut

With less than 200 naira, you can kill hunger with the award-winning Bread and its favourite buddies - Groundnut. Don't waste your time lamenting about your condition, eat and drink water. We what? We moooove.

4. Noodles

Don't get it twisted. I know Noodles has levels. So, keep calm and have your noodles without eggs or veggies. Don't worry, it happens.

  5. Garri

All hail the almighty cassava flakes! Garri is probably the only food you can get anywhere(in your hostel or neighbourhood) especially if they are nice enough to give you some sugar or groundnut.

6. Water

When everything else fails, just drink water. Remember, water saves life.

Do you agree or have more suggestions? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Water?😂😂😂

  2. Water saves life buh nah hunger we dey talk about ooo🤣😂


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