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Thursday 3 December 2020

My Lockdown Experience - by 'Tosin Odunaya

 We bring to you different reactions and insightful stories majored in the lives of Students during the Covid-19 Lockdown and the ASUU Strike Break.

Tosin Odunaya

I can vividly remember the joy in my heart when we finished our 1st semester exams, February 14 to be precise. Although I had it on my mind that the vacation won't be for long, but at least it would be enough relieve me of all stress I faced in school. Unknowing to many it was going to last longer than we thought.

A week prior to resumption, I still felt I wasn't ready to resume.  I made limited plans for resumption even though I knew some of my friends were already in school. To cut the story short, ASUU's warning Stike surfaced and I was all smile because I felt two more weeks was the breather I needed until COVID-19 sets in. I was like, so this virus we've been hearing since 2019 would eventually get here. Few numbers of cases recorded didn't scare me (because of Nigeria's solid history against EBOLA in 2014) until it skyrocketed to 20 and lockdown was needed to stop the spread. Many people were in doubt about the veracity of the virus's existence in Nigeria, with the thoughts of government using the situation for their advantage, still I didn't buy anyone's idea but I cautioned myself and told people to at least stay safe even if they don't believe in it.

I think I would bore you if I have to account for my entire experience during the lockdown period, highlighting the great moments and lessons drawn from it would be best. The period really made me understand so many things though it took a while for me to realise that every minute counts and staying home with no where to go is a very good time to look inwards and work on one's self.

The lockdown accentuate the piece of advice my lecturer always give, that the current demand in this sophisticated world is way bigger than just relying on your certificate to live. I realized, going to school doesn't guarantee a successful life especially in a country like Nigeria, and this has really made me to start thinking of means to start building a successful life without relying on certificate but potentials in me. Main reason why I joined online webinars willingly. Many of them kept preaching the same gospel, "how to build yourself", "how to take advantage of the lockdown" among others.

Up to a time in the lockdown period I constantly followed government affairs vis-a-vis the management of the virus and I noticed the lack of trust people have in Nigerian government (The Politicians). I felt the Government should do more to justify their doings and be transparent to the people, but apparently reverse is the case. The lockdown also gave me an idea about global politics also, especially with the US, WHO, China and the rest.

Taking about the areas I improved during lockdown. I can boldly say that during the course of the lockdown I've been able to hone my graphics design skills. With series of online lesson and YouTube tutorials. I really struggled with purchasing mobile data trying to meet up, I remember doing night subscription also. Anyways it's worth it because I noticed there's far more quality in the works I do now that those I did before the lockdown. I've also learnt to make my skills business oriented rather than just doing it for fun. Now I know how to relate with clients who needs my service and I take every work with diligently in order to obtain maximum quality and satisfy my clients. Nevertheless, I'm still subjected to corrections and improvement.

Conditionally, being an indoor person, lockdown didn't really bothered me but it got to a stage where I finally couldn't take it anymore. Since lockdown measures wasn't too strict in the state I reside because of the limited number cases we had, so I decided to stroll out at interval days just to catch some fresh air and see how dry everywhere was. The less strict measures upgraded me into visiting some friends in my area. They've always visited me so I thought about returning their favour with surprise visit.

One fun fact about my lockdown experience is that my love for football grew more stronger (For Chelsea). While we were still in lockdown here, European  Football competition that was abandoned for more than 3 months restarted. I literally followed all the matches and news about football more often.

I know the lockdown would have impacted everyone both positivity and negatively but I think the former should outweigh the latter. The impact needs to be put in practice in years to come. At this point, all I can hope for is a better new year. And I can't wait to resume school next year, I pray Federal Government and ASSU reaches a consensus soon.

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