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Tuesday 15 December 2020

My Lockdown Experience - By Adeola Oladeji

 We bring to you different reactions and insightful stories majored in the lives of Students during the Covid-19 Lockdown and the ASUU Strike Break.

The lockdown period was a tough time for everyone. I was part of the people that didn't believe the corona virus was in Nigeria, at first.Then, this voice note of a guy talking about it went viral and I got really scared. He was like enh, he works with UN... blah blah ...40million Nigerians will die... blah blah. I got so scared😂😂

Then I started to believe, I got nose masks, I'd wash my hands regularly too. Ooh God yeah, I got flu during that period, so many thoughts were coming to my head. I thought I caught the virus. People were like you should go for the test, and I was like chill guys it's just flu. I went to the pharmacy got some drugs and after a while, I got better. 

As a student, it was even tougher because, I've never stayed home that long or this long and ASUU has decided not to resume now that some things are finally getting back to normal (kinda).

Though I'm an introvert and I barely go out. I still got bored anyways 😂😂. Well I started watching lots and lots of YouTube videos. I brought back the crocheting person I used to be. I started to crochet!

I'd spend the whole day crocheting: I just took bathroom breaks and lunch breaks.

I love listening to the radio too, so I'd crochet while I  listen to the radio. 

When the lockdown got eased, I went to visit a friend and later, got a visit too. I started going for baking classes and now, I'm a baker! Yayyy🎉🎉

I'm grateful to God for keeping me and my family members. I didn't loose people dear my heart and I'm thankful for that. So many people lost their lives this year. May their souls rest in peace.

Adeola Oladeji, is a 300level Student of Mass Communication, Olabisi Onabanjo University.

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