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Sunday 20 May 2018

Stop And Search: "We Will Not Yield To Your Pressure" - DVC Tells OOU Students

The Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Professor Ebunoluwa Oduwole has said that the university will not yield to increased calls from Students to put an end to the security stop and search at the school gate.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor made this known at the Faculty of Social Science colloquium held last Wednesday, May 2018 while answering questions from Students.
Professor Oduwole, in her explanation said that the University has only been able to run its academic activities smoothly because of adequate security it has enjoyed in the last few years. 

"In the last 5,6 years, I must  tell you that we have been graduating students as at when due. And to graduate students as at when due comes with a price and the price is that there must be peace on campus. And we have decided, discovered that for there to be peace on this campus we need to ensure that we combat cultism, at least one of the reasons why we are able to make peace again, yes and that is the price that we have to pay. 

"We will not allow you put us under pressure and we will not yield to your pressure. Because at the end of these, you may not be able to face the music. We have our security gadgets on ground and because of the security issues on ground on this campus we have to put up a CCTV, the campus is heavily under surveillance and let me tell you one of the very easy ways to combat cultism on campus is to ensure that your students are well dressed.", the deputy Vice Chancellor said.

She added that the University doesn't expect Students to dress indecently to school, they only need to dress moderately.

 "If a student comes into the campus with Gold all over, about 3 or 5 chains, pure gold all over, we will throw such a student back because that is not moderate dressing. It is as if you are tempting everybody on campus, if a student comes into the campus and writes 'I love sex’; you expect us to allow such a student in campus? Oh no...

"If a student comes to the campus sagging or with a tattered jeans, we won't allow such a student in, and we will not yield to any pressure at all. We know what we want and we know how far what we want has taken us. We will not support you students, it is either you abide by the rules and regulations of Olabisi Onabanjo university and the dress code or you get out."

By Aina Tolulope 

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