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Sunday 20 May 2018

MESSAGE TO THE YOUTH - By Adegboye Oluwaremilekun (Sir Kay)

I'm ADEGBOYE KEHINDE OLUWAREMILEKUN A.K.A (SIR KAY) Final year student of Guidiance and Counselling in Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU).

My heart cries out to the youth who are the strength, pillar and the future of any society. This is so because the young man who you want to read about has been a product of the society who I think you can learn from. It is so unfortunate that most of our previous youth lack vision hence they live without a mission and many with fragile heart have been misled by friends who are wolves in sheep's clothing.

I want you to understand that the height to which you will rise in life will be determined by the degree to which you develop yourself. Learn to build yourself to a state of excellence and to a positive mindset locked up with determination, courage and passion because the major key to your failure is you. Everybody has a platform no matter your background to improve his or her skills or potentials, but some just don't believe in taking chances. Make a choice for a personal growth. (Growth is a nontransferable responsibility). If you fail to improve your past performance someone will overtake you before you know it.

My dear, what is celebrated today may become obsolete tomorrow. So cultivate an ever increasing passion for personal development to improve  your value and keep you at the top.

Personal development is all about discovering who you are, what you have and how to make what you have valuable to you and others. This is the best time to discover yourself because time waits for nobody.

Attend seminars and conference, listen to great people who have become successful in their fields, ask how they made it. Don't hesitate to ask questions because they know more than you.

Life will be better or bitter based on our personal development, there is room for daily improvement for all of us. The school of self -development is the college from which none of us will ever graduate. It is what you know that will give you an edge, when you continually invest your time and money in improving yourself  rather than flirting and also idle socializing or excessive television watching, you are putting yourself on the side of the failure and you are giving your future an unfortunate definition.

Develop yourself by reading relevant books related to your assignment, skill, calling, be deliberate about your raw potential and passion. The earlier, the better goes the saying. You need to develop yourself cause everything you need to succeed in life is in you.


1. Don't blame people for your past
2. Be positive about your present and your future
3. Discover your purpose
4. Create a vision for yourself and run with a mission
5. Forgive those who have offended you
6. Take responsibility for your own life
I will talk more on this when next I have the privilege to come your way, But till then, stay blessed.

All thanks to my father, mentor and my role model Dr Abayomi Akindele Oscar for his guidance and support over the years, and my own pastor Omotara James he has been a blessing to me ever since we met.

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