All OOU SUG '18 CJs Appointment Is Null And Void AB Initio - Alalafia - OOU Campus Mirror

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Friday 18 May 2018

All OOU SUG '18 CJs Appointment Is Null And Void AB Initio - Alalafia

The OOU Law Students' Society's President, Comrade Alalafia Qudus has described the recent appointments of the OOU SUG Chief Justices as void and inconsistent with the provisions of the constitution.

Alalafia told Campus Mirror that the appointment of OOU SUG Chief Justice is always requiring three procedures which includes; Recommendation by the LSS President, Appointment by the SUG President and Confirmation by the Students' House of Senate. He noted that, none of the three nominees fulfilled these requirements.

"Anything that must be done officially must be done according to the law, Michael's initial nomination was lacking appointment, Aghe's appointment was lacking confirmation and  Justice Bayo's appointment was lacking recommendation. Obviously,  all the appointments is totally void ab initio", he said.

Alalafia vehemently told Campus Mirror that his integrity is what matter most as LSS can never be found involving in issues that tends to tarnish the association's integrity. He finally noted that, his submission is absolutely free from any political undertone.

However, while answering questions from Campus Mirror, Justice Bayo Ilori (the new CJ) said that his appointment is basically on the basis of his neutrality. He further denied all claims that he collected the Judiciary entitlement from the second disbursement.

"I knew I was appointed the OOU SUG 2018 Chief Justice because I am a neutral person. On the issue of money, I only collected #10,000 which I believed to be my entitlement. I'm still working on knowing the source of the #10,000 sent to my account.", he said.

Similarly, Aghe David Oluwaseun (one of the initial nominees) told Campus Mirror that the constitution was only given a political interpretation to serve a political will "there is no provision that provides that a returning Judge should be the Chief justice.

The constitution is clear, it provides that only the senior member of the Judiciary should become the chief justice. There is no place where it was stipulated that it should be the most senior member. If it should be the most senior justice, obviously, the recommendation of the LSS President is needless. Well, I believe they've served their political will and I learnt a lot of lessons from this scenario", he said.

Odugbemi Micheal who was in acting capacity for several months told Campus Mirror with a smiling gesture that he's not having much to say. "I hope you've seen my CJ, well, the whole thing is settled and it is needless to resurrect a dead issue. I dearly congratulate him on his appointment", said Odugbemi.

By Adeyemi Adebayo

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