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Monday 12 February 2018

FAMSSA ECO Blames Aspirants For Delay In Faculty Election

The defunct Social Management Science Association which gave birth to the Faculty of Administrative and Management Science Association (FAMSSA), has been perpetually postponing the association's election while her other counterparts SOSSA, had successfully carried out her election some weeks ago. In other not to misconceive the reason for the election's delay, build on rumors or hastily conclude, OOU Campus Mirror correspondents interviewed the Electoral Committee's Public Relations Officer, Adebanjo Oladimeji (Baba Dee). Adebanjo Oladimeji in his statement boldly revealed that the reason behind the delay of the election is as a result of some of the aspirants not being able to fulfilling their obligations. In his words, "the major reason we haven't held the election is not from the ECO committee". "The delay of the election is not our own fault, but it's the problem of the aspirants".

He explained that the electoral committee had earlier proposed that the election should be held indoor. However, the above suggested opinion was not favourable to some of the aspirants which they disagreed. He further stated that the Sub Dean instructed the aspirants to write a letter which will be used as an evidence that they will adhere to the instructions and being responsible for any discrepancy or the result of the election. Patently, , only 3 out of 11 aspirants danced to the tone of the instruction.

He said the letter is to ensure that "there won't be any form of dispute among them or any petition arising after the election". He said unless this requirement is being fulfilled they "will not conduct any election for them". "I dont think the aspirants are ready for the election. If they are ready, they would have written the letter", Baba Dee said.

Meanwhile, having contacted one of the Presidential aspirants, Austin Iherobiem says he will prefer to keep mute about the election issue until harmattan examination is over..

By Òníòroró Oladele Òrépò & Esther Oluseje.

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