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Monday 12 February 2018


There are lot of reasons attached to teens having unwanted pregnancy. I am not referring to reasons like pregnancy that came as a result of rape, or pregnancy that is harmful to the mother's health. So, if probably you understand the chance I am talking about, then you need to come with me in this world of thought.

Let us assume that you had a ridiculous and unwanted pregnancy in your first year in the University, don't hope to terminate it! Sounds funny, right? It isn't, if you know the complications one can have with abortion.

Apart from this, the two religion book commanded us not to kill; what does killing have to do with this, you are thinking? A lot, my sister, aborting a pregnancy is killing someone and if you are fortunate, it might be twins or even a triplet, then you are killing two or three humans respectively.

Religion apart, let's check the health complications. Bowel injury, during the process of abortion or even after the abortion, your uterus might be perforated and as well your intestines; this bowel injury will cause nausea, abdominal pain and even death if not treated quickly.

Also, peritonitis, inflamed, infected lining of the abdomen and to cure this, a portion of the intestine may have to be taken out and replaced by a temporary colostomy in the abdomen; so, do you really want to be walking around with a temporary colostomy in your abdomen? It's better to leave the baby alone!

Now! Let's say the abortion was successful, do you know that there are still more effects on future pregnancies? Bleeding may occur in the first three months of future pregnancies, you want to go through such pain? I pray you don't.

And also, the next baby will be twice as likely to die in the first few months of life and the baby might have a low birth weight! Here comes the JUMBO! Womb! If by any chance you got that damaged or even slightly ruined, then that's the end! You will end up not able to conceive again! And you know what? That guy that pushed you into abortion will surely dump you like refuse and go for another girl.

Then, what will be your fate? You will become an idiot that lose at both end - a baby and a womb! Then, tell me how you want to live without a child. Am imploring you to say NO to ABORTION, it's not the WAY!

By Ibrahim Idris

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