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Tuesday 7 November 2017

Someone Is There By Olubunmi Odagbodo

In our institutions today '' someone is there '' is the clause you hear amidst students who had  spent a jiffy of time in the school.
Curiosity enveloped my mind as  I moved from one school to another and I still notice this same blood running in their veins '' someone is there ''.
Wondering what the meaning of '' someone is there '' is?  Someone is there is a speech that is common in the mouth of students (mostly freshers) who seems to follow the first bus to school just to keep the front seat as well as getting a seat or two for their friends who are likely to still be in their soft bed.
Sincerely, I get pissed off atimes in those days when I get to class few minutes past seven with the intention to get a nice seat at the front against the 8am lecture only to get there and see personified books, bags on seats indicating that it has been occupied. Shifting my hope towards the back, I ask '' please can you adjust so I can seat'' and I get the usual statement' 'someone is there' '.
I eventually succumb to entering the class with a frown and instead of begging, I just tell the person at the edge' 'let me in' ' pointing to the seat, it does work atimes.

Watch well fresher, you have gotten admission, then here comes the struggle. Always be ready to hear that national anthem saying, 'someone is there' '.

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