Students Unionism Has Turned To Pure Politics - DotunVANGUARD - OOU Campus Mirror

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Tuesday 7 November 2017

Students Unionism Has Turned To Pure Politics - DotunVANGUARD

Former Public Relations Officer of the OOU Students' Union Government and a one time aspirant for the post of the SUG President, Dotun Adebusoye has said that aspiring for positions in educational institutions should be unionism rooted and not pure politics as it is the trend in modern day unionism.

Dotun was among the few candidates who willingly bow out from the last SUG election, with news of his withdrawal coming a day before votes were casted.

Having cited several reasons, including "change in plans and game", Dotun said he was urged to reconsider his aspiration, as well as the love he has for his dear department.

"You see, many things are not opened to students. This is students' unionism but people have now turned it into pure politics".

"In this students' unionism, there are a lot of underground politicking that ordinary students don't understand. When you begin to participate in  meetings and consultations, you begin to see many things, you begin to realise jeopardy and threats".

"A lot of things happened in the course of my aspiration to become the SUG President. I thank God because I am a Christian, I pray fervently well too, I am happy that those negative things did not prevail over me."

By Adebayo Oluwafunmike

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