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Thursday 9 November 2017

SMSSA Presidency: "I Can Do it Much Better"- Gr8BJay

Mustapha Bolaji (Gr8BJay), a 400L student of political science and aspirant for the post of President at the faculty of Social and Management  Sciences Students' Association (FMSSA) has expressed confidence in his past leadership experience as a catalogue for his electioneering in the upcoming faculty elections.

Gr8BJay, who served as the immediate past Public Relations Officer of the faculty said that the leadership skills he has accumulated ever since he gained admission into the University has helped him shaped his personality into rendering selfless service to the humanity.

"Hence, Because I have once had the opportunity of being an administrator, I strongly believe I can do it much better as the faculty President. So far, I have learnt a lot from students. Furthermore,  During my tenure as the PRO, I didn't just deal with executives alone, I desk with students also. I share thought and notion with them, I know their plight, weakness and  need and they understand too.", Mustapha said.

He added that his vision for the faculty is not just a word of Manifesto. "It is a practicable vision built on democracy thus being ready to welcome opinions by sharing ideas so as to achieve a common great goal".

"I started this course as  the Public Relations Officer and I will always continue to be obedient and submissive for ever If I am being elected as the FMSSA President. I believe that in one way or the other we can unanimously get things done, by doing the right thing at the right time. Meanwhile,  our faculty shall always be the best in every aspect even beyond academic field".

By Igbinyemi Boluwatife

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