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Tuesday 5 March 2024



By Olamide Lasisi

Presidential candidates for the upcoming National Association of Science Students (NASS) general election have disclosed their vision and plans for the faculty if elected president in an exclusive interview with Campus Mirror. 

The Faculty of Science which is known for high political participation has again started witnessing competitive campaigns among candidates contending for the presidential seat of the faculty students association. The candidates are; Olutoyinbo Daniel (popularly known as Phelan_Bazooka), Adekunbi Ayodeji Peter (Dynamic), and Ojo Mercy Babatunde (O. Mercy). 

Olutoyinbo Daniel, a 400-level Chemical Science student, who in the past has served his department as a member of the Electoral Committee and also NASS Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Comrade Emmex Led Administration.

Adekunbi Ayodeji Peter (popularly known as Dynamic) on the other hand, is a 400-level student from the Department of Physics and has also served as his department's Electoral Committee Public Relations Officer (PRO) in his 100 days as a student of OOU. He was the course representative for his department until his 300-level days when he was elected NASS General Secretary, also during the Comrade Emmex Led Administration.

Likewise, Ojo Mercy Babatunde, popularly known as O'Mercy, who is also a 400 level Microbiology student from the Faculty of Science is the current Students Union Government (SUG) Public Relations Officer (PRO) is also a student with a reputable track record.

The three top contestants for the presidential seat in an exclusive interview with Campus Mirror disclosed their plans and vision for NASSites and the faculty of Science at large if elected president in the coming polls. 

O'Mercy, whose motivation for running for the post of NASS president is inspired by his zeal to be the students' mouthpiece as disclosed by him. He said "My motivation for running for this position is from my zeal to be a students' voice and advocate. I am an individual who likes to speak and stand for the weak. He further said “I hope to achieve a redefined and progressive Faculty of Science with this position. I have a lot planned out if I am ELECTED and I have put it in written form if I may?.”

He further disclosed his innovation and plans for the faculty, saying “To start with, continuity is the strength of any progressive union, association or society. I will start with the continuity of the ongoing projects by the former NASS administration. Continuity of SCI-POSIUM: This is a Symposium to enlighten and build science students against the challenges of nation-building alongside knowing the new trends in modern Science. 

His other plans are stated as follows:


Freshmen welfarism

•Relaxation spot: Drink and Snacks || Mini food canteen 


•Partnership for Capacity building

•Resting Spot/shades for faculty

•Talent hunt and creation of CREATIVES AROUND FACULTY OF SCIENCE 

•Upgraded Social activities 

•Partnership for Intensive Science based Tutorial

For Phelan, whose intention to run for the presidential post is driven by "the love of being in a position of being responsible for other people and with an endearing passion for NASS to help elevate her status and give her a good image. Oh I hope to achieve a NASS where everyone feels heard and empowered", he added.

He said that if elected as the next president of NASS, his goal will be "To lessen the burden of students, look to have a mini “motion ground” and also relaxation centres". He went ahead to ensure an all-inclusive atmosphere, students’ congress would be held from time to time, welfare of the sportsmen and sportswomen being prioritised, and religious activities being encouraged in the faculty.” 

Dynamic while talking about his reason for aspiration explained that; "What motivated me to aspire for the post of Nass President was not a desire but a passion and willing purpose for it. What I hope to achieve with this role for the students has been slated briefly in my declaration post.  

"#Making science the most important channel of knowledge #more on science."

He further put in that "If I, Adekunbi Ayodeji Peter p.k.a Dynamic elected as Faculty of Science president, I will make sure science is made the most important channel of knowledge across all departments and all voices will be heard surely. There is a change already so what is left is Building a new science.”  He then says, "With the help of the students and with the plan ahead to make it achievable. Anything is achievable with God's help. I have a team on that already,” he concluded.


The upcoming election, with an undecided date, is anticipated to be fiercely contested due to the impressive track records of the candidates during their tenure on campus.

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