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Tuesday 30 May 2023

Update on the alleged assault: Response from the Office of the SUG President.

 By Campus Mirror

Comrade Adeogun Moshood Feyisetan, the OOU SUG President, on the 30th, May, 2023, released a Press Statement to address the allegation of assault leveled against him by Ogunmokun Samuel Adeoye. In the Statement co-signed by the SUG President and the SUG PRO, the President gave further details about what happened on the 28th, May, 2023. 

Here are the details of the Press Statement: 

The President began his address by stating the reason why he is writing the statement. In the words of the statement, "I have chosen to begin my response to all allegations or better still in strong terms call-out made against my personality as a serving leader to the most indefatigable students of our dear institution."  After stating this, the President congratulated OOUites on the resumption for a new academic calendar. 

Following this is " CRUX OF THE MATTER." In this part, the SUG President reiterated his stance on the issue of rapery. "Rape, Attempted Rape, Sexual Assault are societal destructive acts that the Students' Union and the University frowns at," the statement said. The SUG President also said, "I  will not back down in making sure all matters as related to such are heavily dealt with."

The Union has been victorious in curbing the illegal invasion of student hostels by EFCC officials. The President, once again, reiterated his commitment to ensuring the protection of students from verbal or physical harassment.

The SUG President further clarified that, "we were abused and assaulted for fighting for the freedom of our students who were detained by the Police in Oru on the night all rumors of hatred and personal attacks were being pushed as an agenda against my person and that of my fellow serving executives."The result of this struggle is the assurance of safety OOUites from EFCC operatives. 

The SUG President asked, "Why will I oppress students that I have sleepless nights attending to their complaints and wishes?"

The President mentioned that, " I find it displeasurable that certain persons are backing the actions of the person that is serving as an accessory after fact; this is to say that the claimed assaulted student is shielding the person that attempted to rape our student." 

The President further clarified that, "To us at the SUG, we are consumed with the zeal of seeing our fellow students have a protected stay in school, and there is someone shielding the perpetrator from being apprehended. "A hurt to one is truly a hurt to all".

The President further stated, "If you will criticise this administration, please do so on facts and not on hearsays." The SUG President expressed his displeasure "seeing conclusive posts and messages without hearing from me particularly while seeing some media posting conclusive, judgemental info without hearing or interviewing me. Remember that fairness and justice is hear the both sides."

In concluding the statement, the President said, "history is kind to me that I have served wholeheartedly, same way I look forward to serving in a bigger position in the nearest future. However, should I be found wanting in performance, I am human - kindly reach out to me and address your complaints. I am teachable and responsive."

The SUG President encourage OOUites to desist from spreading fake narrative. Let's join hands to build a student community fit and proper for us to live in. That also, should anyone feel cheated and their rights of studentship is abused, they can kindly approach the right quarters to tender all evidences and complaints," the Press Statement concluded. 

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