The Alleged Assault of Female Football Players: Interview with the Sport Director and Team Captain of the Female Football Team. - OOU Campus Mirror

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Tuesday 30 May 2023

The Alleged Assault of Female Football Players: Interview with the Sport Director and Team Captain of the Female Football Team.

By Campus Mirror. 

Interview with Samuel Ajayi, OOU SUG Sports Director

Interviewer: First, what is your name and position in the SUG?

S.A.: I'm Ajayi Samson by name, popularly known as S.A. OOU SUG Sports Director

Interviewer: Can you tell us what you know about the allegation of the SUG President slapping some female footballers?

S.A.: The president did not slap any female football player. I was with them when the incident happened. It's me and my president that had a misunderstanding, and we settled it.  He [the SUG President] did not touch any of the players. You can contact any of the female team members for further investigation. 

Interviewer: Has there been any incident of assault between the SUG and the football teams?

S.A.: Assault? Hell no! There's no physical attack, though we do have misunderstandings but not physical fights, and the president has not for once touched any of the players.

Interviewer: What is your opinion regarding the information circulating around campuses regarding the assault of Female Footballers?

S.A.: Sincerely, it was the team captain that drew my attention to it, and the both of us have been looking for the person that posted that stuff. Because this female football team is a new team and I am putting in all my strength to establish and finance it. While will someone just sit at the corner of his/her room and drop what's not real? Don't you know that if other females see that, it can discourage them from participating in sports.

Interviewer: Is there anything else you'll like to inform OOUites?

S.A: I don't know what happened between the male football players and the SUG president, because I am not in Ago presently. One thing I want all OOUites to know is that if the president does not love his people, he won't be in that house at that late hour, to defend a female student of our school who put a distressed call through. I believe we are all students (learned), I will employ us to think about it very well before you start dragging the president.

Interview with the Female Football Team Captain. 

Interviewer: What is your name, course, level and position in the OOU Female Football Team?

Oluwablessing: My name is Kolawole Omowunmi, 200 level student of department of sociology. I'm the team captain, pka Oluwablessing.

Interviewer: Can you tell us what truly transpired between the OOU SUG and the Female Football Team?

Oluwablessing: That very day, we were already set to leave for Ayetoro for the football match to hold the next day. S.A. (SUG Sports Director) had already discussed it with Feyi, the SUG president concerning transportation and our welfare. So, we just needed his consent. All of us ( players) were already in school, at the sport center and set to travel. S.A. told us he was trying to get in touch with Feyi, who was not picking his calls. It was on that same day Brainjotter visited our school. We were all stranded waiting for his call and approval. When it was already getting late, S.A. told us to start contributing money, that we will sort ourselves out and go on our own.  We left school and went to Chips Garage to talk to some drivers if they could help. We were all disappointed. Being our first outing and the SUG President couldn't support us. 

So, we were all at the Chips Junction, when he (SUG President) came with his entourage and just demanded for S.A. We were all perplexed that he just came there and asked for S.A. just like that. Already, we (the players) were already vexed at him for the disappointment. Some of us started shouting and asking him why he didn't pick our calls and was just coming now, that we don't need him anymore. We all argued with him that night, cause we were all pained and disappointed, but he didn't lift his hand to hit anyone. We didn't go to Ayetoro that night, but we left the following day. 

After the match, we had a meeting with him and he apologized, and we also apologized and we settled it there.

Interviewer: Has there been any assault between the OOU SUG President and the Football Team?

Oluwablessing: No, It has just been verbal arguments.

Interviewer: We received information that the apology made by the SUG President after the incident wasn't sincere. Do you think he was sincere with his apologies to the Football Team?

Oluwablessing: Well, we only had issues with him twice and he gave his excuses and apologized. I can't really say more than this. And, we are cool with it. Since then, we haven't had any issues.

Interviewer: Is there anything else you'll like to tell OOUites?

Oluwablessing: OOU SUPER TIGERESS is not known for trouble and causing havoc. We are at peace with everyone. We just seek their support, we really need it.

Interviewer: Thank you so much for speaking to us, OOU Super Tigeress.

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