The Student Populace Remains My Utmost Motivation To Run For The Presidential Seat —Holydami - OOU Campus Mirror

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Wednesday 21 December 2022

The Student Populace Remains My Utmost Motivation To Run For The Presidential Seat —Holydami

-Seyi Lasisi

The OOU SUG election will hold on 21, December 2022. Students of OOU, by exercising their political rights, will be allowed to vote their preferred candidate into various political positions. One of the most coveted positions and important positions is the SUG President. Campus Mirror spoke with Oliyide Damilare popularly called Holydami about his political journey from being the Medical Director to being a Presidential aspirant, his vision for the school and his proposed impact if elected. The interview has been edited for clarity. 

Campus Mirror( CM): Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with us on short notice. Before we proceed we will love to meet you: your name, level, course and any other related information.

Holydami( HD):It is my pleasure to have this interview with you. I am Oliyide Damilare. I'm popularly called Holydami. I am a 500L student of this citadel, from the department of Medicine and Surgery. 

CM: In the Sen. Modesty-led administration, you were the Medical Director. Now, you are contesting for the SUG Presidential post. What influenced this decision? And has vied for the Presidential post in your plan?

HD: I served as the Medical Director in the outgoing administration. The office of the president is a very tasking one, it comes with a lot of responsibilities and a high level of experience in the system is needed. It has been part of my plans to vie for this position since my 100L days to contribute my quota to the ( school) system. I found it to be very important to be in the system, study it and gather as much experience as possible so that I can act optimally when I'm eventually elected. That is what I did while being the Medical Director.

 I am being influenced by my interest to participate in engagements that are aimed at the good of our dear union and institution. Also, by the zeal to give my best in dedicated services to the progress and development of OOU SUG. The student populace remains my utmost motivation to run for the Presidential seat. With my experience in this union and other associations, I found it worthy to put myself forward to deliver a government with dynamism to the entire OOU students, with my agenda centred around students' welfare and development

CM:The new VC on getting to the office started a now-defunct policy of "no shoe no entrance" at the school gate. Though it's not your administration, several students were concerned that as a potential SUG President, you could have been more vocal in criticizing the policy. What do you have to say to that?

HD: On that very day when the policy was introduced, I was on an assignment at the ( SUG) union in Abeokuta. It came in ( the policy) as a surprise and necessary calls were made to return normalcy to the campus. To finally put the menace to an end, we scheduled a meeting with the university management the following day to inform them about our stand on the subject matter. In that meeting, I stated it clearly that we cannot rule out fashion from our system. We are being taught how to make palms in our GNS course, and some students feed on this. If palms are not allowed on campus, we have only truncated their market. Clarifications were made during the engagement and all forms of footwear are being allowed on campus. Being vocal is not about the noise, but about taking decisive steps that will put the sufferings of our people to an end. At different points, I have raised my voice high on matters that affect the welfare of the students.

CM:  What is your political vision for the school? Related to this is that, why do you think being the SUG President will make your vision realised?

HD:  To deliver a government of Dynamism to the entire students of Olabisi Onabanjo University. To pay attention to the peculiarities of the 4 campuses. To improve the ethics of OOU SUG and bridge the gaps among the departments, faculties and the union. To create enabling environment for the students to develop their full potential within the university. To identify and harmonize all clubs, unions and associations on campus for the actualization of the purpose of their establishment towards improving welfarism. Being the union president will allow me to realize this vision I have. I had a vision and target before I contested for the office of the medical director. During a few months in office, I was able to oversee the medical welfare of the students and beyond. If that was possible this is too.

CM: What difference will you bring the President-elect to bring to students of OOU?

HD: Being the president-elect will bring about a 360-degree change in our union. As such, every student will have a sense of belonging that this union belongs to them and they are stakeholders in OOU SUG. I am proposing a union that all the students will be passionate about and will want to partake in her activities

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