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Tuesday 20 December 2022

The Impacts I Am Inspired To Make Are Yet To Be Made — Feyi Tells Campus Mirror

-Seyi Lasisi 

The OOU SUG election will hold on 21st, December 2022. Students of OOU, by exercising their political rights, will be allowed to vote their preferred candidate into various political positions. One of the most coveted and important positions is the SUG President. Campus Mirror spoke with Adeogun Moshood Feyisetan popularly known as Feyi about his political aspirations, his visions for Oouities, the recent "no shoe no entry policy" and what difference being President of the union will create. 

Campus Mirror( CM): Good afternoon, Feyi. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with us. Before we proceed we will love to meet you: your name, level, course and any other related information.

Feyi(F): My name is Adeogun Moshood Feyisetan. I am a 500 Law Student of the Olabisi Onabanjo University which has spent more than 7 years considering my diploma in Law days, lockdown and strike.

CM: This is your second attempt at being the SUG

Presidential Aspirant. Why are you contesting again? And to add to that, what were the lessons you learnt during your last SUG campaign and election?

F:The impacts I am inspired to make are yet to be made. Good conscience alone does not win elections, People who believe in a candidate can only signify their belief and trust in that candidate through voting. The election is a game of several votes on polling day.

You are encouraged to vote for FEYI.

CM: What is your political vision for the school? Related to this is that, why do you think being the SUG President will make your vision realised?

F: To make our citadel better than the best. Being the union President will allow the executive of which I'm one to invite national and international organizations to invest in our varsity.

CM: The new VC on getting to the office started a now-defunct policy of "no shoe no entrance" at the school gate. Though it's not your administration, several students were concerned that as a potential SUG President, you could have been more vocal in criticizing the policy. What do you have to say to that?

F: The Policy of _" No shoe, no Entrance."_ got me as its first contender. On the morning of the first implementation of t)hat policy, I single-handedly moved to the PS and explained things to the VC about this issue he in his fatherly nature declared that we hold a meeting to resolve this issue and I was able to ensure that Students that were not on shoes were permitted into the school that day and the subsequent days till the meeting which laid the policy to rest.

CM: What difference will you bring the President-elect to bring to students of OOU?

F: Student Unionism is not about what happens within the campus alone but also includes all happenings affecting a person's studentship at all places. Student unionism is a brand we can use to get more hands to support our conditions and quality of life in school. In other institutions, SUG use to get support from international bodies. Improve Transportation Scheme It is fact which need not be proved that I bought buses that convey students to school and fro. Career, Business and Academic Opportunities by working with academic outfits with scholarship offers. Organizing Social Activities with the social director which include concerts, and a talent hunt that aims to expose OOUITES and unit OOUITES across all campuses.

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