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Friday 9 December 2022

"I Intend To Bring Several Highly Coordinated GBOGBO in," -Holydami

-Mariam Fasasi

Amidst the preparation for the forthcoming OOU SUG elections, students from various campuses and faculties are preparing for various political positions. In this interview with Oliyide Damilare (Holydami), the current OOU SUG Medical Director and also an aspirant for the Presidential post in the forthcoming elections. Mariam Fasasi discussed with Oliyide Damilare (Holydami) his campaign and the philosophy that guides his leadership pursuit and goals for OOU as a whole. 

CM: Can you please introduce yourself?

OD: I am Oliyide Damilare, popularly and politically known as Holydami. I am a 500-level student of Medicine and Surgery. I am the current OOU SUG Medical Director and a presidential aspirant in the forthcoming elections.

CM: What are your motivations for aspiring for the Presidential seat?

OD: It is a pleasure to participate in engagements aimed at the good of our dear union and institution. Giving my best in dedicated services to the progress and development of OOU SUG. The student populace remains my utmost motivation to run for the Presidential seat. With my experience in this union and other associations, I found it worthy to put myself forward to deliver a government with dynamism to the entire OOU students, with my agenda centred around students' welfare and development.

CM: With your experience in the union, what skills do you think a leader must possess to perform effectively?

OD:  For effective performance, a leader must possess good leadership skills which are numerous. Some of which I possess are vision, good communication skills, integrity, courage, respect for persons and rule of law, time management, delegation, sensitivity, humility and resilience as well as the ability to build people.

I will serve as a role model, enabler, achiever and inspiration.

CM: What are your achievements as the current OOU SUG medical director?

OD: As the Medical Director in the 2020/2021 administration, I made promises during my campaign and I ensured that these promises were kept. I was able to achieve the following but not limited to:

  1. Visitation to all the health centres across all campuses for evaluation and access needs. 

  2. First ever OOU SUG Mental Health Summit.

  3. Commemoration of World Suicide Day 2021

  4. Commemoration of World AIDS Day 2021

  5. Ago Iwoye Sanitation Exercise

  6. Health Outreach to give back to the host community in Ago Iwoye

  7. Facilitation of COVID-19 vaccination centecentresss campuses

  8. I beganganalth Talk

  9. Reproductive health -distribution of contraceptives (Condoms)

  10. Establishment of the University Health Services Committee by the school management to look into several reports concerning health on campus.

CM:What challenges have you experienced during this campaign?

OD: Every campaign comes with stress. The notable challenge I'll want to mention now is the fact that some individuals destroyed one of our banners on the permanent site which was specifically in front of the health centre. I was not expecting that to happen at this age and time and with the level of civilization. It is unfortunate that we still have to experience this. Eventually, the banner was moved and taken away by unknown individuals.

CM: When was it destroyed and when was it removed?

OD: My attention was called to the destruction on Monday afternoon. I sent out people there on Tuesday to see if it could be manageable, but they couldn't find it there again. I made a detailed report to the university CSO as well as the DSA.

CM: What's their take on the issue?

OD: They said they'll l investigate and get to the root of it. I'm still expecting the report.

CM: Do you have any idea who could have done something like that?

OD: I would not want to suspect anybody.

CM: So are you planning to place another banner in that post or you will let it go?

OD: We will fix another one in days to come, by God's Grace.

CM: As an aspiring Student Union President, how do you intend to resolve conflicts and make sure that student's voices are heard?

OD: Conflicts are expected when you have several people and their resolution can be in multiple stages, depending on the parties involved and their voices. Our mantra is Dynamism and I intend to bring several highly coordinated "GBOGBO" in ensuring that the voice of the students is heard at all levels.

CM: What's your philosophy as a leader?

OD: I work with the transformational leadership philosophy. This brought about DYNAMISM which is what we are known for. The idea is to create an enabling environment which is suitable for this age and time, with best practices. Inspiration by a higher purpose brings about transformation.

CM: What message do you have to the OOU students at large?

OD: My message for my colleagues is that they should all be responsible and purposeful ambassadors of Olabisi Onabanjo University. Examinations are fast approaching. Students should make adequate preparations and shun every form of examination malpractice.

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