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Tuesday 13 April 2021

NASS-OOU Accuses Speaker of Fraudulent Activities

Oladayo  Oyetade

The National Association of Science Students(NASS) OOU Chapter has publicly alleged the Speaker of the Faculty, Gegeleso Bamidele, of theft, fraudulent activities and extortion capable of tarnishing the image of the Association.

The President of NASS, Comrade Oladayo Oyetade speaking through his Public Relations Officer, Alabi Michael said, 

"It's disheartening, shaming and debilitating that The Faculty of Science Speaker who is meant to be of good image and good conduct of the Faculty and the University at large was involved in offences ranging from extortion and theft which is of a huge crime and misdemeanours".

Oladayo, who has sworn to take the matter up, also made it known that "never again shall they allow the locusts to throw their cherished Faculty into the hands of corruptible leaders". 

Although, Campus Mirror has tried to reach out to the Speaker to confirm the development, Oladayo has however promised  to set up an emergency meeting to discuss the "anomaly".


  1. This is totally a false news ..
    Just because a phone got stolen from him doesn't mean he stole the phone. It's a disgrace that the faculty president could make such accusation against the Speaker simply because the speaker have stood his ground that this administration shall not be one where the so called leaders will come to have their bite of the national cake. Gegeleso Bamidele is a blessing and one of a kind. He doesn't deserve this name defamation

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