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Tuesday 13 April 2021

"A Certain Ago-Iwoye Child" by Oluwatola Oluwaluyi

Don't ask me of my pencils

Asking me of my pen would be too harsh

 I didn't even get the chance to have an eraser

To erase the sketches other lives left on me

Other lives who trained me with a tray to carry

My name? 

I don't have a choice than to bear the name of my goods

They were the substitute for my books!

And, you would have thought that my legs would make up for the losses of my head

As the sun diligently carress my body,  no permissions requested.

My slippers daily walk the gold of the ground till my legs gathered it's names in the evening.

Yet as I calculated my money, it couldn't even rich my morning.

Money, you have a life?

I've felt your strong power on me ever since.

When I started to call my name, I started to call yours too.

I'm still calling, just don't know if it ever rings or if there's even a ring tone

I know you can take me to school

And Give me all the care I urgently need

But you've decided not to walk to me.

Hope you know I've walked to you most of my life?

Still walking and now knocking

Right now, I'm knocking on a door

 There's someone on the other side too

I know he can hear me.

Hey there, would you help me?

Maybe, I'm a certain Ago-iwoye Child.

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