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Tuesday 13 April 2021

Five Students Likely to Contest for SUG Presidency Next Session

By Temidire Bada

Although, the current administration of Sen Olubunmi Awoyemi (Pablo) has not been dissolved. Yet, there have been speculation and noise on who and what his successor could be or look like.

We present to you Students who will possibly run for the office next session.

1. Enzaim:  Oluwaseun Ogunmakinju, who is known politically as Enzaim is No 1 on our list. The current Vice President 2 of the Student Union is a 400level medical student from the Sagamu Campus. He prides on his popularity as a Tutorial Centre founder and Coach for medical students on his campus. But, is this enough to win the heart of all OOUites?

2. Alabi Nicholas: Nicholas, like his ancestors from Mass Communication, will likely dive into the race for Presidency. Alabi who is also a member of the present SUG administration is hoping he wouldn't only function as the mouthpiece of the Union, but rather lead the Students.

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3. Adeogun Feyi: Mr Feyi, a 300level Law Student who until now have stayed anonymous, might be ready to put a face to his promising career in politics and break the jinx against Law students contesting for the SUG Presidency.

4. Akorede Afeez Adebayo: Senator Modesty will decide if he will proceed with being modest or broaden his reach into other campuses of the University, next session.

Akorede, a 400level of the College of Engineering, if he eventually contests, will be another big fish to trouble the water of other contestants in the SUG Presidency race.

5. Awodeko Afolabi Samuel (AFO): Although Afolabi has managed to gather fame in the Faculty of Education over the years. The 400 level Student of Arts and Social Sciences Education might decide to test this opinion with the Student populace, next session.

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