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Tuesday 13 April 2021


 Exclusive Interview

In October 2019 when Olubunmi Micheal Awoyemi was elected as President, Students Union Government of the Institution; it became clear that attaining such position is not a fuction of Height or Stature. Fifteen months later, he sits to discuss with Temidire Bada of Campus Mirror.


 The Interview was put together by Kazeem Adewole and Maltida Ifeoluwa Laidi.


You contested for OOU SUG President in 300l, how was it that time? Why did you contest seeing it's a top position?

Pablo: Contesting and emerging as a winner of the elections was a challenge, running the affairs was a bigger challenge. It was a way of testing popular opinions about my 3 years so far on campus. Immediately after my emergence, many opinions were raised from different angles with area that should be looked into, great expectations were expected of me and many were awaiting my discharge of duties as the OOU SUG President.

There were speculations about the authentication of the results, how did you get to water down the controversies from other campus candidates?

Pablo: Everyone contests for a post with the mindset of winning. There are certain cases we have to accept. You win, you rejoice, you lose, you learn. The lessons learnt since my 100l days led to my winning of the elections, so there is no doubt I won the majority by popular votes. Fostering of peace is the next thing after elections, most of the other contestants have been of great help, Sen Hamzah, Newton, Daddy Yo and Apostle has always helped coordinate issues from their respective campus ranging from security and transportation problems.

Looking at the fact that you have stayed over 1 year in office, what can you point out as your achievements?

Pablo: We have ensured that students don't get exploited during ceremonials i.e. Matriculation and Convocation, extension of course form, organizing OOU prays event, record breaking football competition and house rent reduction. I am the first president who has visited all campuses in the last 4 years. The Covid-19 and Asuu strike which disrupted the session couldn't allow us do more.

Apart from the break caused by ASUU strike and Covid-19, is there anything you think you could have done but didn't?

Pablo: I don't know but the achievement in 1st semester was extraordinary that people felt only few to no things were left to be done in 2nd semester. Committees were already set up to make 2nd semester programs better than the 1st but the pandemic disrupted it.

Can you mention a major challenge you had?

Pablo: Though everything is a challenge, but there wouldn't have been a bigger challenge if not for the Covid-19. Aside the CEC members, we had the best set of people on ground even friends.

In the last one year, we have heard of insecurities in some campuses, how were you able to stand in gap and help?

Pablo: On the issue of insecurities, we have ensured peaceful coexistence among students in the school community. During the pandemic, there was issue of burgling students hostels, in which we had meetings with landlord's to ensure students properties were safeguarded during their absence.

On transportation, not only OOU is faced with this challenge of having insufficient buses, it happens in other institutions too. Unavailability of investors is the main reason for Ago Iwoye's transport problem. Irrespective of this problem, we have been able to strike a balance and prevented inflation of transportation fare.

Is the school authority not coming in on this aspect?

Pablo: There are lots of projects and it's on a scale of preference. We have recently bought some chairs and ceiling fans in the classrooms, we can't abandon these for buying buses. Priority matters, the beauty of classrooms is important maybe over time we shall look into investment in transportation.

You have had a better relationship with other campuses that other president don't have, can you say that you have fared better than them? 

Pablo: Nobody expects you to be worse than your predecessors, many of their activities laid foundation for ours.

We heard that some CEC members left the Whatsapp group chat which led to believing that you don't have an inclusive government?

Pablo: The student union is a parliamentary government, if a part fails we all fail, this led a part to be idle after this realization. If some people are idle, we have to work leaving the group shows their grievances but Whatsapp is not an Official platform. We shall communicate with everyone and set the ball rolling.

When is this administration likely to come to an end?

Pablo: This is not my decision to make. It's left for the administrative arm to decide. My duty is to the students.

You are aware that some people are willing to take this position, do you know any of them?

Pablo: No for now I haven't seen any aspirants.

Thank you for your time

Paolo: its my pleasure.

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