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Tuesday 13 April 2021

CAMPUS HYPE: Meet Faith Ohanwusi

 Searching for an industrious, enthusiastic and beautiful woman? Faith Adebola Ohanwusi is one astounding lady that perfectly encompasses all of that & more.

 A charming lady with bold intentions to succeed and transcend the world she finds herself. With love and compassion deeply rooted within her heart, Faith finds peace in accomplishing her goals which only propels her towards maximum success.

The Delta - Yoruba lady unshaken by her struggles, is determined to reach the peak of her dreams and share her sunrise with the society. 

For a true jewel glitters brightest in the dark; Adebola outshines her dark and gloomy days in her strive towards achieving her purpose and passions.

 A lady who loves travelling across states, meeting new people & making healthy connections. She is also compassionate towards humans and driven towards helping others with her kindness & selflessness. Filled with integrity and honour– Faith is audaciously living life on her best terms for her self worth is irreplaceable.

From the glitters of her eyes,you will know Debola is Passionate about the beauty & quality of food, she enjoys the art of cooking which enhances her compassion. You can literally say She loves Food!

A woman of education and excellent reputation who polishes her mind with knowledge and experience– smoothly amassing the potentials needed to sail her dreams. This is why, you will always find her holding very intelligent conversations yet, loves friends of diverse intellect.  Bolade is a well cultured & vibrant lady who enjoys socializing, with a heart that illuminates through the corridors of her eyes. 

You should meet Abolade soon!


Department - History and Diplomatic Studies 

Birthdate - April 21

Favourite Food - Fried Rice 

Dislikes - Lies

Favorite Color - Pink and Ash

State of Origin - Delta State

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