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Monday 8 July 2019

One Year In Office: I Have Given My Best To OOU Students - Says, Kempes

On July 3rd 2018, Akinbo Afolabi (Kempes) was elected President of the Olabisi Onabanjo University Students' Union Government. One year after, he sits with BUSAYOMI ADEBAYO of Campus Mirror to discuss his one year in office. Excerpts;

Exactly a year you were elected OOU SUG President, how would you describe the feeling then?

Kempes: It was actually a very good vibe having an opportunity to serve the student populace at large. I feel very thankful till today and also indebted to the students for giving me the mandate to serve them in my best capacity and also to see to their welfarism.

How would you describe your major activity and achievement in the last one year?

Kempes: Well, I remembered before being the chief Servant, I made a promise of an administration that will be very close to the student populace. Over the years, we’ve observed that the Students' Union that was actually meant to serve as an intermediary to all the needs of the students are not always available and accessible. So I and my executives have actually deem it fit to get the bond stronger, so they could feel the vibe that the union are there to listen to their pleas and I believe we’ve actually raised that landmark regarding that.

What other achievements can the administration point out to apart from the proximity to the students?

Kempes: I believe that the main reason why everyone is in school is to have an academic excellence. And I can actually beat my chest towards the academic performance that our administration has been able to ignite. We also gave solutions to some of the academic issues that students tends to have that can cause hindrances like the issue of course form, registration, the appeal on leave of absence, guiding the student on how to fill their course form to avoid an extra year or carry over and I believe that really worked because the statistics of students taking leave of absence has decreased.

On socials, I believe we’ve triggered the heart of the students on the social life in our administration and also in sport, we’ve successfully brought everyone together in one accord with the organization of our sporting activities.

On a scale of 10, what would you rate your performance in the last one year?

Kempes: I don’t think I have the power to rate myself because I believe the student will actually know how to estimate it better, mine is just to give my best like have always done.

With the best you’ve given, if you’re to be compared with previous SUGs, do you think you’ve fared better?

I wouldn’t want to praise my administration more but students that have actually witnessed one or two administration will be able to give their differences.

In the remaining weeks or month left in your administration, what should we expect?

Kempes: We’re working in ways that will better the academic performance of students like board repairs in the major lecture theatres and fixing of their public address systems. I believe that will stimulate the academic performance of the students when they can easily hear their lecturers and see what’s written.

We have some other things that we might chip in to make the students know that the Students' force is still alive.

What has been the major challenge of this administration in the last 1 year?

Kempes: Major challenge??? My major challenge was trying to collectively bring heads together. I mean, people from different backgrounds, race and different political views trying to make them see to your own understanding and perceptions.

Also with the management too, although they’re our parent but one must try to work in line with their own perspective and reality and that’s quite challenging but they always turn out to be good parents when it comes to the student welfarism.

We’re aware that some students are already signifying interest to succeed you, do you have anyone in mind?

Kempes: No, Whoever wants to come into this position must be strong, that’s my advice for the aspirants because I haven’t met any of them, I don’t know them yet.

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