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Sunday 16 June 2019

OOU SUG Building Turns House Of Rats And Rodents As Union Excos Abandon It

Despite having over six spaces for office use, a common room with television, about 3 annex rooms, a conference room, toilet facilities and recently renovated chairs, the building of the Olabisi Onabanjo University Students' Union Government has reportedly been abandoned by the union executives.

Some students who preferred not to be named said the SUG building is no longer in use and the offices has been taken over by rats and rodents.

A student who pleaded anonymity said that he couldn't get to meet with the SUG Excos to make complaints. According to him, the inability to meet with them due to the fact that the building has been abandoned has affected him and his colleagues in many ways.

"The SUG building that's meant to serve as offices for the Excos has turned office for rats and rodents, I have always wondered if there's anything called SUG at all. There was a time I wanted to meet the SUG on an important issue regarding my studentship but I met none of the excos even after parading the building for days.".

Another student said the building has no basic facilities as she never expected that from the administration.

"I have been to the SUG building several times as I have always gone there to relax, the offices houses no document, furniture and  basic facilities, even the President's Office has no table and Chair."

"Charity begins at home. If the SUG cannot take care of their own offices. How can they cater for the welfarism and the needs of Students?", another Student asked anonymously.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the SUG AGS, Adeola Adedimeji (Daddy Yo) confirmed that the Union building truly lacks basic facilities. However, he debunked reports that the union excos has abandoned the building.

"Well, in the past there used to be (or so I believe), but at the moment the union building is in a very bad state in terms of infrastructure and beautification. There are no furniture whatsoever in the offices, even the president's office is nothing to write home about. We have to look around, borrow chairs and tables to have meetings and all."

"On allegations of abandoning the building, I will say this view is not correct, because all the SUG Excos in Ago do make sure that one or two of them is present at the building or its surrounding at all times, everyday except for weekends. Aside from this, remember we all are students and at one point or the other the Excos may have classes or even meetings to attend outside the building or off campus. This is why the union have staffs and they are always on ground in the building to help any student contact the Excos, receive their letters or oral complaints and they always make sure the informations get to the Gen Sec or the AGS. Also the phone numbers of the Gen Sec and the AGS are always available in the building. So, if any student can't find it, the staff will make it available for them."

He further assured the Students' populace that the Kempes Led administration is working hard to get the Union Building in a suitable place for use.

"We are doing the best we can in this administration because we inherited the building in a bad state. We have written to works and service, we have spoken to the Vice Chancellor, Dean of Students' Affairs and other notable personalities in our institutions have visited and seen these things, they also promised to do something about it and we are constantly making enquiry about it."

By Racheal Senbanjo

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