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Monday 1 April 2019

OOU SUG Freshers' Party: Celebration Vs Broken Leg

Amidst the excitement that surrounds the March 14th SUG Freshers' party, the event was greeted by an unfortunate incident involving a student from the Faculty of Education and an unknown car driver.

The incident which can be said to be treated casually by some relevant persons has left the victim at risk academically and leg broken too.

According to the an eye witness, who was at the scene that fateful day, narrated that the victim had left the LLT2 and was going to class when the car hit him. In his words, "I was also for that same lecture, the guy was on the pedestrian side of the road and wanted to cross over, the car was just speeding and it hit him.... and went his way".

Although, the car driver was said to have been "dealt with", it cannot be ascertained what kind of punishment was given to him. The Faculty President, Sen. Akinbi Moses (Omo-Akin), who spoke with Campus Mirror hinted that the car driver is a fresh graduate who was in school to start his clearance that day.

Omo-Akin also confirmed that victim, Okoro Ibrahim, who is a 400L student of Business Education is currently receiving treatment in a traditional home in Lagos, where is leg is been taken care of. When asked if his absence won't have a negative impact on his academics, Omo-Akin said, the school authority have been notified, including his Level Adviser and other Concerned persons.

However, It is uncertain if the driver of the vehicle was apprehended as the SUG Legal Director, Tohlue Analyst denied knowledge of such. However, it should be noted that over speeding is becoming rampant in the School Environment, especially on the Faculty of Education road that leads to School Library.

The Faculty of Education President, Omo-Akin implored the school management to see to this menace, stressing that "More life is at risk if nothing is done to crop such lackadaisical act in the university premises."

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