Tee Jay And Sojay Are Behind My Leaked Results, They Did It To Tarnish My Reputation - Lymar Releases Bombshell - OOU Campus Mirror

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Tuesday 5 June 2018

Tee Jay And Sojay Are Behind My Leaked Results, They Did It To Tarnish My Reputation - Lymar Releases Bombshell

- Accuses SOJAY of spending certificate money on pepper soup

The incumbent Vice President and current aspirant for the post of the OOU SUG President, Comrade Lawal Halimat Arinola has accused her fellow aspirants; Comrade Shodunke Olatunji (Tee Jay) and Adebola Adesoji (Sojay) of being responsible for her leaked portal results.

It would be recalled that news went like wildfire last week after unidentified online users posted portal results of two Presidential aspirants (Lymar and Senator Kempes) which alleged that they do not have the required CGPA to contest for the forthcoming OOU Students' Union President elections.

However, Comrade Lymar while reacting debunked to the controversies sorrounding her CGPA , describing it as a deliberate effort by her opponent to destroy her image.

"First of all, I'll like to say Alhamdullahi to the Almighty God because everything happens for a reason. I believe what he has done is a favour in disguise. Tee Jay feels he needs to spoil my name before getting to the top and it doesn't work that way. If he is a true Muslim and SOJAY himself, both of them knows about and it. If Tee Jay is a good Muslim  SOJAY is a good Christian, they wouldn't have done that to more than 27,000 Students, tarnishing my image.

"They think they are tarnishing my image not knowing they are spoiling their own selves because I don't know how someone can be so wicked."

"Tell me who will come now and beat his own chest that in my department we don't have issues with the ICT centre?.

"Tee Jay went ahead to pay N1,000 to someone at the ICT to hack into my portal because my password is not my family's name, its not anybody's name, its not my boyfriend's name, its nobody related to me, it's not even my role models name for you to know that.

"I am very sure and I got the information from a right source. I am saying it right here that it was Tee Jay that did it.

"Tee Jay is behind hacking my portal and Kempes'. Do you want to tell me they logged into my portal and at the same time they know Kempes' password?

"This thing is visible, the person posted it is a Mass Communication Student. He doesn't even know how to do things that people won't see.

"I sent a BC lately that you don't have to step on others to rise. If you are man enough, Tee Jay, you shouldn't be working on propagandas, come to the field.", She said.

According to Lymar, portal issues is why the CGPA displayed in her portal is low. She stressed that She wouldn't have engaged in campaigns if She does not have the required CGPA.

However, She futher accused the incumbent General Secretary of the union of being an accomplice to the leaked results.

"I am begging and urging all my fans not to listen to whatever you hear from Tee Jay and every other person that is against Lymar. I believe in myself, I am capable, I am the incumbent Vice President and I released my achievements as the VP. Why not SOJAY, the former presidential aspirant release his own achievements as the General Secretary?

"Presently as an out going Vice President, we don't have our leaving certificate or anything to show forth our service in office. He (Sojay) used the N50,000 given to his office to buy pepper soup for people just for him to emerge as President. The little money that was given to him, he can do certificate of N18,000 for all of us. It was the president that did the ID card, his work was done by the President but he's busy working with Tee Jay just to  tarnish my own image.

"I can say it anywhere that I worked very well as the Vice President, that is why I have the courage to come out and contest when I know I am qualified."

By Gbadebo Afolashade


  1. Please guys don't give up on lymar we can do this 💪

  2. We are in a country where people will by all means do anything to get what they want even if it is killing their opponent.This is just a university presidency post and all this is happening what if it was a countries presidency post I guess you would have murdered your opponent just to get to the top. The funniest thing you can actually get there with everything you have done but to shock you it will only last for a while and you will then face the repercussions of what you have done.If truly you guys sojay and teejay has done this you will just make people love lymar the more then you will be done for😂😂.Have always been a lymar fan right from the time I saw her speak and I will always be no matter what😜,Go lymar💕💕💕 be strong💪 let women rule.All the best for you guys 😉


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