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Sunday 20 May 2018

Campus HYPE: Meet Awotedu Oluseun Afolake; A Combination Of Beauty and Brain 😍

Who says beauty cannot be combined with brain? Well, it's obvious that such person has not met Awotedu Oluseun Afolake.  Now, sit back and relax as you go through the amazing profile of our queen.

 She is a 300level student of Law, a motivator and woman of virtue. Ice Queen dances well but don't trust her with your music chorus... Lol.  As ironically as it can be,  Ice Queen believes that music is a spice to life. When studies get boring,  Folake light up with a party,  her love for party no be for Naija.

"If it's not making money,  it's not making sense "

The Ekiti state born lawyer to - be is all about making money and being successful.  Could that means  all lawyers love money . You just said yes? She is  big lover of  Wizkid,  they actually look alike,  check her nose. 

Ice Queen is in between being a committed church girl and a regular church goer but trust me she believes strongly in God. If there is anything Awotedu Oluseun detests, then it is lies,cheating and pride  but she is an awesome personality. Eating and talking are also huge parts of her hobbies.

The damsel who was born into a family of five might not be a flirt but she  is definitely up for the game.

Favourite celeb: Wizkid
Phone number: 08135091326
Relationship status : Dating
Dept/Level: Law, 300L
State of origin: Ekiti State
Hobby: Eating and Talking
D.O.B: Jan 12
Favourite Quote: No one is responsible for you expect you
Nickname: Ice Queen

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