Provide Evidence Of Your Allegations In 24 Hours Or Hide Your Face In Shame - Tee Jay Blasts Lymar - OOU Campus Mirror

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Wednesday 6 June 2018

Provide Evidence Of Your Allegations In 24 Hours Or Hide Your Face In Shame - Tee Jay Blasts Lymar

An aspirant for the post of OOU SUG President, Comrade Shokunke Quazeem Olatunji (Tee Jay) has challenged his fellow aspirant, Comrade Lawal Halimat Arinola (Lymar) to provide evidence of portal hacking allegations levied against him or hide her face in shame.

Tee Jay made this reactions while responding to reports published by Campus Mirror where Lymar had accused the duo of Tee Jay and Sojay of being responsible for her leaked portal results.

However, reacting to the report, Tee Jay described Lymar's allegations as baseless and unfounded. He also posited that incument SUG Vice President is only trying to gather people's sympathy and attention through him.

"The truth is how can you just come up and say someone is trying to destroy your reputation all because of SUG election. I'm a Presidential aspirant like she is, so of what gain would it be to me when I have read the constitution very well and it states that any aspirant contesting for the post of OOU SUG President must be of unquestionable character. So if I am to do that, am I not jeopardizing my ambition that I've been ushering for so long now? .

"To me, she's just trying to get attention and I'm not ready to go into war with her.

"I can say it anywhere that I know nothing about it and I am giving her 24 hours ultimatum to give evidence of those words she said and if she cannot then I would understand that she is the one trying to destroy my reputation.

"She should be sued for defamation of character. I am a Mass Communication student, and I know the ethics of communication does not even permit you to invade into other people's privacy, so why should I do that all in the name of election?

"I have the dream to serve, and I am visioned. I want to become the SUG president but not to the extent of putting other people in tight angle or making them look bad just because I want to get to the top. I don't have lust for power, I only have the will to serve.

"I believe that act was just from a concerned OOUite, he feels that this has to be known to all, if you cannot follow the rules of the constitution, how can you guide us? Probably this is the reason why the person had done it.

"Anybody can leak anything, why should it be me? My result was not the only one left out, I can remember it was just Lymar and Kempes own that was left out, so why is she feeling I am the one? Then she must have evidence for it.

"I'll like you to let me note this, she must provide me the case where I gave a N1,000 to the person working at ICT, where she saw me meeting with the person working at ICT and that Mass Communication student she claimed to be the one to have released the result. And if she cannot provide the evidence within 24 hours then I think she should just hide her face in shame. If she doesn't have evidence to back it up, then she is saying total rubbish and it's paradoxical to the truth and I can stand anywhere to say it.", Tee Jay said

On allegations of working with former Presidential aspirant, Sojay; Tee Jay noted that his relationship with the later was borne out of the interest to serve the Student's populace better.

"Is she feeling threatened  already? Does she feel the election is out of her hands? These questions were what came to my mind when I read the news yesterday.
My merger with SOJAY was just for the interest of the entire OOUites at large. We believe we shared the same vision and mission then why go at logger head when we have the same dream? Why don't we just sit and work hand in hand to achieve this transformation we want for OOU? We can both do it together rather than fighting for one particular post and at the end loosing the mission we want for OOU. So if she's feeling threatened because of this, I'll tell her not to be.

"I once spoke to her also about merging but she refused my negotiations, so what do I do? Another man has accepted it then, you shouldn't try to now use that against us, we know nothing about it.

"She said Sojay used certificate money to buy pepper soup. Why is that coming out now? Why is she trying to tarnish Sojay's image now? Since the incident happened why hasn't she cried out? Why is it now that she's having problems of leaked results that she's mentioning it?

"I would like to tell my fans that they should keep calm and worry less. They should keep believing in me, my integrity would speak for me. I am not a part of the result hacking allegations and would never be a part to it."

By Gbadebo Afolashade

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