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Sunday 20 May 2018

"There Is No Increment In Form Rates" - SUG ECO Chairman

As the door of a tenure is been closed another is set to emerge to forming another union. As the selling of forms are on, issues has been rising up as people clamours for reduction in the alleged increase in aspirants form price.

This led to a petition against the SUG ECO Chairman that was written by Michael Solanke a 200 level student of law where he asked the school management to look into the "exorbitant" form rates and reduce it drastically.

However, the petition has been declared void by the Electoral Chairman, Adeeko Yusuf popularly known as Yusluv.
He reacted to this petition while speaking with Campus Mirror by giving an analogy of the transportation section where he claimed there are now changes in fee.

 "I would like to direct this to him the amount he was entering bus last semester was that the same amount he is entering it this semester? But actually I never increase any form"

Speaking further, he said that there is no increase in SUG aspirant form price as he urges all aspirants to go and check the price of form themselves and not to be deceived by anybody or follow unauthorised broadcast people are saying.

"I don't know anything about the increase of the form. I don't know anything about it, that's it. Actually I rebroadcast the price of the forms, So the aspirant should go and check the price themselves", He said.

By Babalola Israel

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