“External Campuses Should Not Be Allowed To Contest For SUG President " – Says, Timosharp - OOU Campus Mirror

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Sunday 20 May 2018

“External Campuses Should Not Be Allowed To Contest For SUG President " – Says, Timosharp

The Assistant General Secretary of the OOU Students' Union Government, Comrade Oladunjoye Timothy (Timosharp) has cautioned Students in the the University's permanent site to vote only for Presidential aspirants who are in the main campus of the university or suffer the consequences of it.

Timosharp made this known while sharing his thoughts on the forthcoming SUG elections with Campus Mirror last week.

"I don't really believe in these aspirants, they're all hungry men" Timothy said.

"Unless the election is conducted without the intervention  external people, OOUites will regret." Timothy pressed further while revealing that some people that are working underneath to have their ways.

He alleged that most of the aspirants are only after what they would eat and some of them have even offered huge amount of money just to get to the position.

While advising his fellow Students to vote wisely, he  said that Presidential aspirants from external campuses the should not be allowed to partake in  election.

"If students do not come to vote for the right person they are Yahoo the ones that will first complain because the  boys will never complain during transport crisis. If to the populace fails to elect their aspirants from PS, they'll really suffer."

"Nobody should become President over us from other campuses  when the problem arises here in PS, quick and timely response wouldn't be taken. A lot are happening in PS here, hostelites are complaining the students' union is not an easy one even when I as the SUG AGS there are some things I can limit myself to. PS has the highest number of Students it is the centre of the university, on no circumstance should the President be from other campuses. The various vice Presidents is enough for them as usual." Timosharp stressed emphatically.

By Adu Ayomikun

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