Campus Personality: I See Myself Controlling The Political Affairs Of Nigeria - Tohlue (Analyst) - OOU Campus Mirror

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Saturday 7 April 2018

Campus Personality: I See Myself Controlling The Political Affairs Of Nigeria - Tohlue (Analyst)

Our Journey in checking out who will be our Campus personality of the week was quite tasking.  

Starting from faculties to the crooks and crannies of departments, as we all know that Campus Mirror will never bring an half baked bread for our viewers. Boom!  Our hook caught a very mighty fish from the great Faculty of Law,  an individual worth shouting out. Golds are indeed found down deep from the earth. 

A  Standing Ovation for Oshinowo  Tolulope  Ebunoluwa   a.k.a Tohlue (Analyst),  a member of Inner Temple and A reputable Law student on Campus.

Law is not meant for shallow thinkers, Tolulope's  passion for writing,  reading and engaging in critical thinking inspired him to build a career in Law.

Now call a boo to tell a boo, get a sit,  make yourself comfortable, drag the nearest person closer to you ( no go drag a soldier o) keep calm as you go through the chat with this gem.

Your full name? 
Oshinowo Tolulope Ebunoluwa aka Tohlue (Analyst)

Did you just find yourself in faculty of law?.
No, being a Law  student is not by accident, it has always been my dream course. 

What's your greatest achievement so far?
I hmm!. I was happy seeing myself as LSS Assistant General Secretary, not only that, I can never forget where I got what majority calls me today. "ANALYST" - I was and I am the Analyst of VeeCeeSuccessStories. Being a member of OOU SUG LEGAL COMMITTEE and a standing member of OOU SUG Rebranding Campaign! 

Where do you think you'll be in the next 5 years?
I see myself excelling in the Legal Profession, and controlling the political affairs of Nigeria.

Are you in a relationship and do you care to disclose her identity?
Yes, I'm in a relationship with an African queen. I wouldn't disclose her identity though. 

Who's your role model?
Professor PLO Lumumba

What has ever happened to you that you can't forget?
Winning the almighty Faculty of Law election.. Ask me why?.. Because, faculty of law will never elect a mediocre to be  their leader. 

What's your favourite quote/saying?
 "Learn to conceal your intentions, let people wonder what you are up to and they will long to see it. I believe, when you are too direct, you might lose interest of the audience

What are  your hobbies?
Reading, writing and engaging myself in critical thinking

Are you into any organization?
Yes, I'm a member of Inner Temple, OOU

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