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Saturday 7 April 2018

OOU Critics And The Wall Of Jericho - By Olawale Smart

IF I hadn't known better I would have concluded that it was the reason why Jesus Wept; yes, it fell down flat and destroyed like the old partition that guarded the city of Jericho.

Perhaps, it was even better for the ancient city's wall, as it crumbles and remains scarttered all the land of Jericho, as for OOU Critics, it didn't see the light of the day not let alone leaving signs of its once existence.

For weeks ago, OOU Critics was a gum in the mouth of every conscious OOUites that can chew. The WhatsApp forum was introduced as the one that bring comrades together to form a pressure group that advocate for change in our OOU. How then did change advocators fall so cheaply?

Is OOU CRITICS a Pressure Group?

If it had lived up it aims it has paraded itself with, then it is surely an unregistered PROMOTIONAL PRESSURE GROUP, the one that consist of diverse personalities that are fighting a selfless fight. If they had lived up to that type of pressure group, they might have replicated the success of LIBERTY- a promotional pressure group that put pressure on the labour party to incorporate the European convention on Human Rights into the UK law- into OOU.

What caused the downfall? 

The downfall started from the name of the
organization. Okay I get it, we are all critics - but should we have paraded ourself with the brand name that is not guarded against the militant of misconception?  Oh No! Even if we've applied for the registration, we would have been thrown away like a piece of tattered pant. I remember Professor Anaeto class- a critical review and writing class- he asked the word CRITISM means what,  in a class of over 300 Mass Communication Students, only a tithe of the population understood that critism is not about saying negative things. When that can happen in a class of 300, what should we expect mong a population of over 7000 students?

Another major factor that the progenitor of the group did not considered was that calling it OOU CRITICS, it is no longer limited to the relationship between Students' Union Government and the students, it is a war between the whole system. However, the political charlatans used it as an opportunity to attack the current administration, hashtaging #ISayNoToWilliamsAdministration.

Last I remembered, Pressure group influence and tries to LOBBY. But, as a creative group you know, OOU CRITICS choose to use the confrontation tools of Aluta. Aluta in a pressure group?  You must be welting me!  I saw how a comrade confronted Comrade Lexicon, the legal director of the OOU SUG, right then, I knew the failure of the group has already confronted it.

Story to continue...

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