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Monday 12 March 2018

Public Display of Sensitive Parts: A form Of prostitution?

Won ti gba penalty lo throwing....*laughing aloud* the sort of lyrics we hear on radios and MP3 players as we groove to the beat. Pure jargons! Let's leave that for a latter toe! though, and focus on what's pressing.

Yeah! Sexualizing yourself on TV and public places, isn't this also a gregarious form of prostitution? Quite alright, this is the 21st century and we are gradually approaching the 22nd but this isn't enough reason for madness to be the order of the day.

This public display of sensitive areas is an eye sore and it is very demeaning to the female gender but nowadays it doesn't appears our females no longer, they don't give a damn about how they look let along the public views.

Well, the music industry must sell their products and sexualizing is am inevitable occurrence but still if these ladies can just reflect and consider future reasons for the good of themselves maybe a peck of sanity can take over.

Just recently a concert was held by one of the top music artistes in the country and something extremely appalling occurred which led to the public spitting out derogatory remarks as regards what transpired that day. Just like the bible when the woman of the issue of blood touched the garment of Jesus Christ she was made whole.

The irony of that incident came to life where it was said the artiste touched her and she brought her hands down to her private part just to massage. How disturbing that felt on TV! Another height of madness, I tagged. Look ladies, your attitude towards your facial appearance would determine the way the female sex would approach you.

Dress like a whore and be treated like one! That's the simple rule to life. Moving away from the music industry is our style of dressing. You don't have to be seductive to look perfect or called perfect. Modesty isn't just a gift to others but a gift to yourself.. Don't go around indirectly giving yourself out for free. Most of the arguments we females make is 'It's my body, I can do whatever I want with it' and very other naughty excuses that won't even save the day when karma comes knocking.

I love the ancient days when things aren't as bad as they all seem. Sometimes, I blame civilization for coming early because we humans just misuse it. We misconstrue opinions and neglect societal point of views which is killing and crippling us day after day.

I don't wanna go into modelling so that I won't seem to be an antagonist. But my vivid point in a jiffy is "Dress right and people would treat you right" Ladies are incessantly treated as sex toys, a thing that has no value just because of the way they present themselves. This must stop!

By Lamina Ifeoluwa

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