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Monday 12 March 2018

SUG Senators Divided Over New Union Logo

The recently changed logo of the Students' Union Government which has caused chaos in the school politics was brought to the third business meeting of the Student House of Senate so as to deliberate on the matter as well as to decide if the logo worth the to be changed as proposed by the President, Comrade Adeosun Williams. During the sitting, there was a flow of argument , different perspectives from members and controversies in the house concerning the new logo in which the house was unable to settle for a safe conclusion.

The Senators then demanded the presence of the Union President so as to shed more light on the symbols and images inscribed on the newly proposed logo before it could be adopted.

However, while speaking with Campus Mirror, the Senate President, Dist. Senator Bello Olayinka stated that his position on the logo still remains the same. "Well, I have addressed the issue before and I am still addressing it now. It has just been put to house and consensus is yet to be reached. If the union is going to be changing from one logo to the other, it has to be subjected to the ratification of the house, President has put it to the house but we are unable to reach an agreement." Senator Bello said.

He explained that the Senate was unable to reach an agreement because the Senators concluded that the president should come and give some clarifications on some images and the concept behind the new Union logo.

"The publication of the new logo is just to create awareness and not asserting that the Union has changed the logo, until the SHS approve it then it can be changed.", the Senate President said.

}By Babalola Israel

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