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Monday 5 March 2018

NAPSS Executives Tenders Apology For Ill Attitude On Deceased Student

The death of the Political Science finalist, Oyekanmi Peter, has caused an uproar between the students of political science and their departmental association.

Campus Mirror understands that the association has shown less concern over the incident thus leading to the students of the association complaining against their lackadaisical attitude.

However, the vice president of the department, Olaniyi Simiat Ifeoluwa, while speaking to Campus Mirror made it known that most of the executives have gone home as a result of the just concluded examination for 300L and 400L.

During the interview, she said" different people were just calling me that we didn't do anything, that we should have done something at least pay a visit to the family of the deceased or go to the police station to show our concern".

She made it known that the association will show more agility over the incident and take the necessary steps that ought to be taken.

Meanwhile, Olayiwola apologized in behalf of the association over their lackadaisical mannerism "In behalf of the whole NAPSS executives, I apologize for showing less concern about the death of our colleague and also we present our condolences to the family of the deceased".

By Adebayo Oluwafunmike

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