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Monday 5 March 2018

Ayetoro Students' Blasts SUG President Over Unequal Appointments

A Number of students from the Ayetoro campus of the Olabisi Onabanjo University have decried at an alleged favouritism in the appointments made by the the Student Union president, comrade Williams Adeosun. Campus Mirror gave audience to some of these students who lamented, there had not been enough representatives at the SUG level from the Ayetoro campus, thus making the students not to enjoy the benefits allocated to them.

The students showed their dissatisfaction over the unfair treatments from the administrations both past and present, allowing them suffer over the years from the hands of different SUG political aspirants giving false promises before the election and turning their back on the student populace after winning the election.

In an interview with the NAAS PRO, Comrade Tomiwa Temilayo, he said "we are displeased at the current SUG administration as students of the College of Agricultural Sciences are not being given appointments as it should be".

He further stated that "we are always left behind, thank God the current SUG financial secretary who is from this part of the university won for election lot else we wouldn't have a say in anything concerning the SUG".

Another student, Aipo Michael Ifeoluwa, a 300L student of Forestry and Wildlife alleged that the President has been biased in his appointments. In his words, "Since I've been in this institution, no appointment has been made to the College of Agricultural Science. The Media officer and some other appointment made by the President, to me I see it as a biased and it's not meant to be so.

All promises made to the college during the manifesto are yet to be fulfilled.", Michael lamented. Another student, OgunseyeTaofiq said there hadn't been enough chance from the college to have a representative who will represent them at the SUG level which in adverse has disallow them to enjoy the benefits of each of the SUG as student.

He further said "apart from Comrade Zima(SUG Welfare Dir '15) and Comrade Kingsley (SUG financial secretary '18), the only seats we have occupied at the SUG level are just the VP3 and AGS3 which have been allocated for our campus alone".

"I can vividly remember the promises made by the present and immediate past SUG presidents before their election and throughout his tenure(the latter), he only visited once and the former hasn't for once paid a visit to the college since the inception of his government last year". He said.

Ogunseye believes the only way their voices can be heard at the College of Agricultural Sciences is by producing candidates who will in the interest of others vier for the presidential seat as well as other strong SUG positions.

By Adebayo Oluwafunmike

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