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Monday 27 November 2017

I Stepped Down For The Peace Of My Faculty - Senator Kizzo

The former electoral committee chairman of the segmented faculty of Social And Management Sciences Students Association, Ademola Damilola (Kizzo) has revealed that he made the decision to step down as the ECO Chairman of the faculty for reasons that comes in best interest of the faculty.

Recently, the splitted faculty of SMS has been in turbulence for weeks since its demerge. This comes as a result of agitations and counter agitation that arose against the future of the Students' Association.

While some students insinuated that the association should remain the same, others are of the opinion that 'two faculties cannot be under one association'. These controversies came to an end last Thursday when the former electoral committee was dissolved during the SUG Students' house of Senate business meeting to pave way for different electoral committees who will conduct elections for the two independent faculties.

Speaking on these issues with OOU Campus Mirror, Kizzo, a former SUG Senator and the former electoral committee chairman for the faculty earlier before the segmentation said that he had already been given the mandate to conduct election for the two faculties but he said that he had to rethink so as to sustain the peace of the faculty and OOU as a whole. "I already had the 'go ahead' from the SUG President that my ECO should conduct the election for the two faculties but I personally felt reluctant just to avoid something that will portray a selfish mannerism. Yes, because that was what my antagonists were clamoring on at that the ECO is selfish. I personally went to the Sub Dean with my ECO and appealed that our committee should be dissolved. 'I personally dissolved the ECO. Nobody forced me', Kizzo said. "It was a big decision but I had no regret. In fact I see myself as an ambassador of peace. Politics is not a do or die affair. Life is beyond school politics. In fact, that was what I thought before taking that decision. We are all going to meet outside and everything in life is beyond what we do here today" He further advised students who are into politics or who have political aspirations to learn from his acts thereby putting the Students' interest first over their personal interest.

By Aina Tolulope

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