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Saturday 13 April 2024


By Campus Mirror 

In the wake of assurances from the former Students Union Government (SUG) President, Ogunsanya Bamidele Peter, Sen. Pizzle, regarding the implementation of a flexible payment system, students at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) are left disillusioned and questioning the accountability of their representatives.

In a message to the student populace, Senator Pizzle acknowledged the economic difficulties faced by students and pledged to take action concerning the issue of implementing a flexible payment option. Despite assurances that efforts were underway to facilitate flexible payment arrangements, there has been no progress in this regard.

Expressing their grievances, students have taken to social media to voice their concerns. Jiggy_damilee, in a tweet on X (formerly Twitter), criticized the SUG for failing to fulfill its primary duty of representing the interests of the student body. He highlighted the disconnect between the promises made by the SUG and their failure to deliver tangible results, particularly regarding the flexibility of tuition fee payments.

In his tweet, Jiggy_damilee questioned the silence of the SUG on the issue of flexible payment options and emphasized the importance of holding the SUG accountable for their actions. He stated, "I want to be real as possible, I know you will see this and decide to keep mute buh then I would say my piece and continue to pressure you till you conform, So firstly if we have forgotten what sug stands for it's for we the student, a intermediary between school and student"


He furtherly tweeted "Buh then our leaders have probably forgotten their primary assignment. I saw a post yesterday and it was about this school fees eish that some people that have the money should reach out to them and then they will help them. Omo I'm sorry I wouldn't appreciate your effort. Cos what you promised us was different, what is the outcome from vc office about flexibility? You kept mute about people life and then when we were fighting together you were rapidly coming to us about every outcome. Now we don't know anything about flexibility @OOUStudentUnion"

A law student identified as @Aishat81570729 on X too also tweeted on the issue, "Some leaders determined the fate of thousands of students and you’re there without calling them out or let students to know about it and you want them to just sit back and watch how you destroy their lives, you failed OOUITES"

She also tweeted, "Advising students to apply for leave of Absence is not the best thing,next session will they do the same again? The management promised to support indigent students by paying twice in session and that is what we should demand for. How many people can we contribute for ehn"

@eshaalnnd on the other hand tweeted, "Why can't they arrange for students to pay part of the tuition in the first semester and the remaining amount in the second semester", while @tinny_lade stated, " This really need to be fought for. I can't count the numbers of my course mate that are going to apply for leave of absence. This is just too much on them"

On the students' welfarism included in the president's manifesto, it was clearly stated, "Transparent and Accountable Governance: Transparency and accountability are non-negotiable in leadership. I pledge to keep you informed about all SUG activities, finances, and decision-making Progress reports will be shared to ensure you can assess the impact of our policies and hold us accountable for the promises made."

The unfulfilled promises of the OOU 36th SUG administration regarding the implementation of a flexible payment structure raise serious questions about the effectiveness and accountability of student leadership. As students continue to question the Student Union, they demand transparency and action from their representatives to address their concerns promptly and effectively.

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