MUSAN WEEK: "It's Going to be an Unforgettable Experience" - Honorable Piccolo. - OOU Campus Mirror

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Sunday 5 November 2023

MUSAN WEEK: "It's Going to be an Unforgettable Experience" - Honorable Piccolo.

 By Alabi Rachael Adedolapo


For students whose classes often lead them to the Faculty of Arts and its environment, they are familiar with the students of Music. Their sonorous voices - a mixture of classical and contemporary music, often filter into their ears in classes or on their way to classes. Music Students' Association of Nigeria(MUSAN) will be holding its Week from 6th to 9th, November,  2023. And there are, as expected, fun-filled and musical performances lined up to thrilled students. 

In anticipation for the week-long celebration, Campus Mirror interviewed Aiyenuwa Abidemi pka Hon Piccolo, the Association stakeholder chairman to give more information about the upcoming Musan week long celebration. 

Can you please tell us your name,your level, your course?

I'm Aiyenuwa Abidemi pka Hon Piccolo. I'm a 400-level music student. 

What position are you holding presently?

I'm the Association stakeholder chairman, Honourable in the Faculty and also the Faculty stakeholders board Secretary.


What is MUSAN all about? Can you please emphasize on the objectives of being a Musanite?

MUSIC STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA. To promote a channel of communication between the students and other members of the management and administrative staff of the institution, and also promote cooperation amongst her members for social, cultural, academic and leisure activities.

What should we be expecting for the Musan week activities?

A lot… 

Day 1- Rally and outdoor music show at the school park. 

Day 2- indoor games and exhibition.

Day 3- Music Concert. 

Day 4- Grand Concert with Beautiful Nubia. 

We’ve heard how beautiful Nubia concerts are always joyful and enthralling. What can you tell people that are still doubting about this concert and what should we be expecting more on the grand day which is on the 9th of November 2023.


Beautiful Nubia is known for his sonorous, inspirational and entertaining music. As a folk musician, his songs are expected to teach,guide and impact people which has always been that way. Let's expect to hear it undiluted, close and impacting as ever. Also, expect our students to perform his music live.

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