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Friday 10 November 2023

Beautiful Nubia in OOU: OOU Music Students Celebrate MUSAN Week in Grand Style

By: Alabi Rachael Adedolapo and Feranmi Precious.

Segun Akinola popularly known as Beautiful Nubia, a poet and musical icon was live with his band at Performing Arts Theatre OOU on November 9, 2023. Showcasing his songs rife with the rich African cultural heritage, the musician entertained the students present. 

Beautiful Nubia's performance enlivened the students. His sonorous voice allures students as he performs, with musical accompaniment, his popular songs: Owuro lojo, Ikoko Akufo, Seven lifes, What a Feeling! During his performance, he said, “There are no great men in Nigeria, you’re only great if your community is doing well." He beseeched the students to embrace perseverance, truth, honest hard work, courage, and patience in whatever they do. 

During Campus Mirror interview with Honourable Piccolo, the stakeholder's Chairman of the Music Students Association of Nigeria -OOU Chapter she mentioned how challenging but pleasing organising the concert is. "The success covered the pain, you don’t achieve when you can’t go through pain, if you’re not ready to take up a challenge you’re not ready to win,"  she said. 

She further stated that there are a lot of misconceptions about being a music student. She reiterates how important music is to humans. "The five-lettered word (Music) is very powerful. Music is a universal language, an escape, a medicine to the soul. music heals wounds," she concludes. 

"Music is not a simple thing as many may have presumed, it requires a lot of rehearsals and dedication because it is very stressful" Eniola Olushola Mary, the Assistant General Secretary of Music department told Campus Mirror. 

According to Sammy Yo, Oluwadare Samuel, A 300-level student representing the Department at the SUG level, the concert was everything to him and they will make it a legacy that will continue for years. Sammy Yo teases the Department's long-term goal of inviting notable artists from Nigeria and Africa to celebrate future grand finale of their week activities as a Musanite.

In all, Beautiful Nubia made the Concert interesting with the way he danced, treated his fans, took pictures with them, and gave out his autograph.

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